We did it! AdvancED recommends accreditation

Mar 13 2017

“We are thrilled that an international educational leader like AdvancED rates us so highly. It speaks to the hard work of our students and staff. It also speaks to the supportive community we have in Lexington One, who believe strongly in public schools. This visit pushes us to be better, as we focus on continuous improvement.” Dr. Gregory D. Little, superintendent 

An AdvancED External Review Team recommended that Lexington County School District One earn the distinction of accreditation. The team awarded the district a 336.89 (out of a possible 400) Index of Education Quality overall score. The AdvancED Network Average score is 278.94. 

ae logoIn his presentation to the board, Lead Evaluator of the review team, Dr. C. Stephen Oborn, retired superintendent from Ripley, Ohio, stated, “This is an outstanding school district. Your work and preparation, your openness and honesty is uncommon and your results outstanding. Frankly, your district is wonderful. The community support, family nature and opportunities for students are just unbelievable. Congratulations on your wonderful score.”

The team arrived on Sunday, March 5, and stayed through Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Team members visited Central Services and 16 schools during their visit, reviewed data from parent, certified staff and student surveys, and reviewed the district’s intensive self-evaluation which used AdvancED’s five standards for quality schools systems: purpose and direction; governance and leadership; teaching and assessing for learning; resources and support systems; and using results for continuous improvement.

During their visit, they observed teaching and learning in 96 classrooms and interviewed 669 individuals (seven board members, the superintendent, 79 administrators, 156 teachers, 337 students, 41 support staff and 48 parents, community and other stakeholders).

The team commended the district on four powerful practices, recommended one opportunity for improvement and two improvement priorities.

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