Grants and Scholarships

Through a variety of grants and scholarships, the Educational Foundation aids students and teachers in their academic success.

Student Scholarships

During their time in Lexington One schools, students are given innovative opportunities that teach them valuable 21st century skills. Many of these initiatives are made possible through fundraising by the Educational Foundation.

To ensure that students continue their journey to be self-directed leaders in our society, the Foundation forms partnerships with local individuals and/or businesses to create scholarship funds to benefit our graduating high school seniors in their pursuit of higher education. If you know of someone who may be interested in leaving a legacy by establishing a Lexington One scholarship fund, please contact the Foundation staff at 803-821-1008.

Professional Grants

Additionally, grants assist teachers in providing special educational projects that would not otherwise be possible under their typical budget. With grant funding, teachers give students opportunities to learn in ways that expand their experiences and knowledge.

Through their partnership, the Foundation can offer Lexington One educators the chance to earn grant money from various business sponsors.

Lexington County School District One and the Educational Foundation dedicate themselves to shaping students who are confident in academics, even beyond their time within our schools.