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21st Century Innovation Grant

This grant was developed based on the district’s 21st Century System of Learning to help advance innovation efforts in our elementary schools. Applicants are asked to propose a school program that addresses one or more of the pathways toward college, career and citizenship preparedness.

This grant will award 6 one-to-one matching cash grants up to $5,000 and will be renewable for up to three years. All applications must be submitted by August 19, 2016.

For full details, please download the application below.

21st Century Innovation Grants Application 21st Century Innovation Grants Application

Michelin Golden Apple Teacher Grant

Michelin donates $5,000 per year, $2,500 per semester. Teachers may receive up to $250.00.


To provide Lexington School District One teachers an opportunity to enhance the educational experience for students by supplying financial aid for activities that would otherwise be unavailable. The intent is not to supplement normal school supplies, but to allow for more creative learning opportunities not normally supported by the school supply budget.


Activities should be those that have the most impact on students and will enhance the educational experience, such as:

  • Field Trips
  • Science Kits
  • Supplementary Books to enhance textbooks
  • Class instructional materials
  • Rewards to students for special recognition
  • Will not provide supplies

Spring Application Due: November 21

Fall Application Due: June 15

Michelin Golden Apple Teacher Grants Application Michelin Golden Apple Teacher Grants Application

WP Rawl School Garden Mini-Grant

Walter P. Rawl & Sons, Inc. was founded in 1925 and is based in Pelion, South Carolina. In the early 1920’s, the late Walter and Ernestine Rawl started a local business known as the Walter P. Rawl Farm selling peaches. Over the years the business evolved into a larger farm selling greens and specialty vegetables and became known as Walter P. Rawl and Sons. Today Walter P. Rawl & Sons continues to operate as a “family farm” with nine family members still working in the business along with an additional 400 employees.


The purpose of our School Garden Mini-Grants is to provide Lexington County School District One’s schools an opportunity to enhance students’ knowledge of diet and nutrition by providing financial assistance toward a school garden or other live plant projects. Individual grant awards will not exceed $500 for startup gardens or $250 to sustain gardens. Up to $5,000 in awards will be made available to schools annually - up to 6 awards will be awarded this grant cycle.

Types of projects funded include vegetable gardens; butterfly gardens; vegetation for outdoor classrooms; greenhouse/indoor nursery.

Applicants must demonstrate that their school garden project:

  • Is a collaborative effort between school groups/clubs and/or community groups
  • Has the participation from stakeholders, including the school principal, volunteers, and a community partner
  • Has a compelling plan for integrating the garden into the life of the school and community
  • Has a budget supportive of their proposed plan

Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis so it is important to submit your applications as soon as possible. Mail or hand-deliver your completed applications to the District’s Grants Office by Monday, November 21st. Also, scanned PDF generated applications with required signatures will be accepted. Applications will be awarded no later than February.

Spring Application Due: November 21

Fall Application Due: June 15

WP Rawl School Garden Mini-Grant Application WP Rawl School Garden Mini-Grant Application