Lexington Employee/Education Assistance Plan

LEAP is a Lexington One Educational Foundation annual campaign that is funded solely through employee donations and runs during the first two weeks of each school year. Thanks to the generosity of our Lexington One family members, assistance is given to help others in a number of ways. Through the Employee Crisis FundLEAP offers financial assistance and/or in-kind services to Lexington School District One full-time and permanent employees (not to include substitutes) during a crisis situation. Through the We Care Fund, LEAP provides funds to enhance the learning experiences of Lexington County School District One students and families experiencing a crisis situation or provides support to students in need of medical, dental, or optometric services that prevent the student from learning.

The Educational Foundation has designated LexLeads, LexLearns, and LexLives, components of our Schools of the Future - Now! initiative, as its priorities with emphasis on preparing graduates to compete in the marketplace of tomorrow, both locally and globally. Accordingly, the LEAP Education Assistance Plan helps our students by offering educational programs that support these initiatives in a variety of ways. These funds develop students’ skills in critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication in order to prepare them to be successful in our changing world.

How to Give

Lexington One Employees may make financial donations to the LEAP campaign anytime during the year. However, employees can only choose payroll deduction and annual leave donations during the campaign period, which is always during the beginning of the school year.

Education Assistance Plan

The Lexington One Educational Foundation Board of Directors designates the use of these funds each year and gives priority to educational programs that enhance students’ learning while meeting the 21st Century Learning initiatives established by the district’s strategic plans. In recent years, these funds have helped pay for the transition of our school libraries to Learning Commons and to fund a school STEM lab.

Employee Crisis Fund

Employee Crisis Fund offers financial and/or in-kind services to Lexington School District One permanent full-time and permanent part-time employees (not to include substitutes) during a serious illness or financial hardship. Services exclude any payments for housing/housing insurance, vehicle purchases/vehicle insurance, and security deposits. Worker’s compensation recipients are ineligible for assistance.

Employees can obtain an application from their LEAP Site Representative. An application can be submitted by a person on behalf of the employee. Employees may not nominate themselves.

We Care Fund

We Care Fund provides funds to enhance the learning experience of students in need of medical, dental, or optometric services that prevent the student from learning and to include emergency funding for basic student needs. This does not include payments for housing/housing insurance, vehicle purchases/vehicle insurance, or security deposits.

Site Representatives, Guidance Counselors & School Nurses will have necessary application forms. Site Representative names are listed.

Find more information about LEAP and the program’s statistical facts.

How to Apply

To apply, login to LexConnect and click on Staff. Go to the Important Information section, and you’ll find the forms listed under Fiscal Services.

Find Your Representative

Misty Johnson
Asst.: Edie Burritt

Kim Gepfert
Asst.: Susan Helton

Christina Bosserman 
Asst.: Abigail Buchanan

Susan  Kirlough
Asst.: Courtney Leaphart

Leigh Eubanks 
Asst.: Ashleigh Near

Jamie Carter
Asst.: Vera Diener

Mary Catherine Whisnant 
Asst.: Martha Fanning

Baylis Scott
Asst.: Angelica Greiner

Liddy Parrish
Asst.: Katie Harman

Meghan Snipes 
Asst.: Andrea Slice

Suzanne Keller
Asst.: Beth Hammes

Central Services - IT
Melanie Bennett

Central Services - Special Services
Amy Derrick

Adrianne Bazemore

Joi Walden 
Asst.: Ashley Carter

Dawn Jacobs
Asst.: Janet Pond

Katie Cooke 
Asst.: Mollie Sutcliffe

Carol Camp
Asst.: Charles Pinta/Julie Herndon

Cindy L. Ward
Asst.: Gary Bedenbaugh

Laura Stockdell
Asst.: Davis Myers

Nita Spence 
Asst.: Susan Harmon

Dona J. P. Smith
Asst.: Effie Bailey

Susan J. Bennett
Asst.: Karen Rozmus

Emily Mills
Asst.: Tonya Threatt

Central Services- Fiscal Services
Melinda Wicker

Central Services - Instruction
Dottie Sistare

Central Services - Communications / Student Services / Superintendent’s
Shellie Cochcroft

Rachel Booth
Asst.: Shrenda Pelfrey

Stephanie Margraf 
Asst.: Ryan Allman

Jessica Ridenhour 
Asst.: Clarice Mondeel

Christy Peters
Asst.: Kim Nunnery

Rick Masters
Asst.: Brandy Ludlam

Kelly Watkins
Asst.: Amy Wilson

Jennifer Still
Asst.: Jenny Farmer

Elaine Waller
Asst.: Corey Bedenbaugh

Jennifer Ringo
Asst.: Jennifer Taylor

Katrina Haynes
Asst.: Amy Donaldson

Central Services - HR
Pam Holsclaw

Adult Ed.

Helen Renew
Asst.: Karen Elliott

Donna Gaines

2017–2018 LEAP Poster

2017–2018 LEAP Brochure