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Lexington County School District One at a Glance

Lexington County School District One is the number one place to lead, learn and live. 

As one of the fastest growing school districts in the state of South Carolina, we are proud of the excellent academic reputation we have established.

Below are a few facts we are especially proud of and others that we simply find interesting.



2016 South Carolina State Report Card for Lexington District One


National and State Honors and Achievements

As educators, we are most proud of the academic success of our students. Our students are recognized nationally for exceptional academic achievements. Whether it’s in academics, the arts or athletics, Lexington County School District One students are among the states most competitive.

It’s not just our students who are award winners though. Our teachers and professional staff are, too. 

It is no secret that in Lexington One, we are committed to excellence. These long lists and news releases are examples of accomplishments that illustrate our success —  2015–2016 Honors and Achievements and 2016–2017 Honors and Achievements.


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