Strategic Plan and Priorities

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Maintaining Focus for Our School District Each and Every Year

In Lexington County School District One, it is our goal to prepare graduates who are accomplished in 21st century skills and serve as a learning center for the entire community. We seek continuous  improvement in overall achievement, such as achievement gaps, acceleration, and the effects of poverty, to accomplish this mission. Our aim is to maintain a strong graduation rate by providing students with skills they will need to be successful in today’s world, including being proficient in multiple languages.

To accomplish these goals, we have implemented our Schools of the Future — Now! program throughout our schools. The goals for each tenet of this plan of action — LexLeads, LexLearns and LexLives — are outlined below.


  • Improving overall elementary school leadership
  • Implementing “Leadership Skills Report Cards” at all elementary schools
  • Adding “Habits of Scholarship Report Cards” at middle and high schools
  • Implementing assessment suites at all high schools to assess leadership, life and career skills
  • Continuing employee leadership development


  • Providing 21st century content
  • Implementing competency-based learning
  • Planning for expansion of inquiry-based and problem-based learning
  • Improving assessment and grading practices
  • Providing pervasive technology support
  • Creating virtual and blended learning environments
  • Designing innovative professional learning opportunities
  • Exploring interventions and network of caring supports
  • Increasing community engagement
  • Personalizing learning


  • Implementing a sequential K–12 physical education curriculum
  • Increasing the impact of school health teams
  • Coordinating nutrition activities and promoting healthy nutrition and physical activity, including decreasing obesity
  • Encouraging schools to develop and maintain a school garden
  • Researching employee wellness opportunities

Full Five-Year Strategic Plan

Our full five-year strategic plan is available for all residents of Lexington County to understand the direction for our schools. As we continue to plan for the future, we encourage members of the community to provide their input by attending school board meetings or reaching out to one of the current members.

Our Report to the People

Lexington County School District One regularly provides the public an update on the district’s strategic direction. This “Report to the People” highlights the progress made in our strategic direction, accomplishments that occurred during the school year, awards and basic facts about the district. 

You can view the latest report here.