Vision for our Students

students raise American flag

Our Vision for a 21st Century Graduate

The graduates of Lexington County School District One are a new generation of leaders and global citizens who are self-directed, creative, collaborative, caring, and multilingual and who will flourish in a global, competitive, and fast changing world. Our graduates are confident in academics, sophisticated in learning, accomplished in 21st century skills, global in orientation, and prepared as leaders and global citizens.

Description of the 21st Century Graduate

The 21st century graduate should be:

  • Confident in Academics
    Masters world class knowledge, 21st century content (deep learning in the liberal arts, the three R’s, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics or STEM), speaks multiple languages and is college and career ready
  • Sophisticated in Learning
    Knows how to learn, understands cognitive strategies, is self-directed (applies learning independently to solve problems, initiates plans or a course of action, self monitors, self corrects) and able to analyze, synthesize, and problem solve, creates innovative solutions, acquires and applies information and technology for research and analysis
  • Accomplished in 21st Century Skills
    Develops expertise in the four C’s (critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity) and digital and media fluency, displays life and career personal characteristics of interpersonal skills, work ethic, self direction, personal responsibility and management, persistence and integrity
  • Global in Orientation
    Understands cultures, demonstrates sensitivity to differences, is knowledgeable about global issues and our interconnectedness, and acquires other languages (multilingual)
  • Prepared as Leaders and Citizens of Our Democracy
    Understands the responsibilities of citizenship with civic literacy, develops habits, attitudes and skills of capable leadership, and is ethical and caring

The 21st Century System of Learning

Our system of learning is personalized, flexible, responsible, and participant driven. Grounded in world class knowledge and skills, our system of learning offers multiple pathways toward college, career, and citizenship preparedness with access to an array of highly effective, engaging, rigorous, and well-designed learning experiences with few boundaries of time, space, and place.

  • Personalizing Learning
    Participant driven, flexible and responsive, tailoring learning experiences and the learning environment to the needs and goals of individual students; student engagement through voice, choices and blended experiences
  • Multiple Pathways
    Choices, options and various strategies for personalizing learning and reaching college and career preparedness with an array of highly effective, engaging, rigorous and well-designed learning experiences
  • Assessment of learning/data
    Gathering information about student achievement that informs instructional decisions in the progression of learning which leads to mastery of academic achievement standards and provides feedback to modify teaching and learning activities
  • Innovative 21st century curriculum and learning strategies
    Access to world-class knowledge and skills with a focus on 21st century content including STEM, world languages, the Four C’s, and the use of various strategies for learning that lead to self-directed learning
  • Virtual and blended learning
    Design of learning experiences which deliver a blend of face-to-face and online experiences that provide 24/7 tailored learning experiences done independently and collaboratively
  • Inquiry-Based Learning
    Learning based on questions, scenarios and problems requiring research, and study to develop knowledge, understanding and solutions (includes problem-based and challenge-based learning)
  • Competency-Based Learning
    Learning organized around explicit, measurable, transferable learning objectives where students advance upon mastery of learning objectives supported by timely and differentiated learning interventions
  • Network of Interventions and Caring Supports
    Academic, behavioral, and emotional supports to remove barriers to learning
  • Community involvement
    Relationships with parents, community, business, and higher education focused on success for each child
  • Pervasive technology support
    Tools (hardware, software, digital content) essential to the system of learning while developing digital and media fluency through flexible learning with no limits of time, place, or space

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