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The Center for Sustainable Solutions at Gilbert High School is a cutting-edge, innovative program designed to prepare students who are interested in majoring in the fields of sustainability, environmental science, renewable energy, energy management, and green building. This program is intended for students who plan to pursue a bachelor or graduate degree in these fields.

The Center is dedicated to graduating knowledgeable, high-quality students who are 21st century learners. These students will be able to think critically, solve problems, and develop solutions to environmental issues facing our society locally and across the globe.

The program is open to all juniors and seniors in Lexington School District One. Students spend a total of two 90 minute blocks within the Center (half day) each semester.

Students study how humans are managing our natural resources and how human activity impacts local and global environments. Students research case studies addressing major societal concerns, such as the destruction of ecosystems, the reduction in biodiversity, global warming, and the efficient use of clean energy and water. Solutions that address current issues are explored using creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving strategies.

Students who complete this program have the opportunity to receive credit for college courses and accreditation in green building practices. Students must complete at least six Center courses to be recognized as a Center completer.


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