Enrollment Procedures

Lexington One Virtual School now has three enrollment windows providing students three separate opportunities to enroll in a course. The fall enrollment period allows a student to take a course over the duration of the school year, while courses are completed in a single semester time frame during the spring and summer periods. For more information on LexOne VS dates and deadlines, please click here.

Follow the steps below to complete all requirements for Lexington One Virtual School enrollment:

  1. A student meeting with his/her school counselor to discuss the student’s course request and academic goals (enrollment will not be processed without counselor approval).
  2. Approval of enrollment by the student’s school counselor (counselor will submit a digital approval form).
  3. Registration for the LexOne VS course using the LexOne VS electronic enrollment form. Click here to access the electronic enrollment form.
  4. Payment for tuition made in person by cash/check at the Lexington One Virtual School office, 105 Tarrar Springs, Lexington, SC 29072. Please make checks out to Lexington One Virtual School.

Tuition for a 0.5 credit course is $100 and $200 for a 1 credit course. Please visit our course offerings page for more information.

Once all enrollment requirements have been met, the student will be given access to the requested course and other information required to complete the course.

For more information, contact dsistare@lexington1.net or Howard Bissell at hbissell@lexington1.net.