Virtual School FAQs

Are LexOne Virtual School courses for credit?

Yes, upon successful completion of an online course a grade report is sent to the high school for posting to the student’s official transcript.

Can I enroll myself in LexOne Virtual School?

You can download the registration form from this site; however, the form requires the approval/signature of your high school counselor and parent.

Do I take the course on my own time or school time?

LexOne Virtual School courses are considered a 5th block; therefore you will be accessing your course after regular school hours in most cases. If you do have a free time while at school and have access to a computer there, you could work at that time.

How hard are LexOne Virtual School courses?

Online courses are challenging. In fact, online courses may require more time and effort than a traditional classroom.

How is my final grade calculated?

The grading scale for LexOne Virtual School is the same grading scale that all Lexington School District One high schools use.

How many LexOne Virtual School courses can I take at a time?

According to district guidelines, you are limited to one online course at a time. There may be exceptions to this restriction, such as medical reasons.

Is there a teacher?

Yes, all LexOne Virtual School courses are taught and graded by highly qualified, fully certified Lexington School District One teachers.

Is there deadline for completing a LexOne Virtual School course?

Yes. Students are required to complete all course work and a proctored final exam within 1 calendar year from the date of enrollment. It is important that virtual school students have excellent time management skills.

What about assignments, quizzes, tests, etc.?

You will have assignments with specific due dates that you’ll turn in via e-mail and message boards. LexOne Virtual School courses also have quizzes and tests that you will take online.

Why should I take an online course through LexOne Virtual School?

You can take a course not offered during a semester (including Honors courses), solve a scheduling conflict, earn more credits during the year, or try a different method of learning.

Will I need to be online at the same time as my teacher?

No. When you login to your class, you’ll see the assignment and instructions your teacher has left for you. You’ll communicate through e-mail and message boards mostly, but don’t rule out the telephone. Your teacher will let you know how to communicate.