Virtual South Carolina Sponsorship

Lexington County School District One serves as a sponsor for student enrollment in Virtual South Carolina (VSC), the South Carolina State Department of Education’s virtual school program.  VSC provides online course options for students in grades 7-12 at no charge. For more information on VSC course offerings, program guidelines, and a course tour, visit the VSC website.

Before students enroll in a virtual course they should consider their readiness for learning in an online environment. Students can take this  online learning readiness assessment and discuss the results with their counselor before enrolling in a virtual course.

As a VSC sponsor, Lexington County School District One provides a proctored environment for students to take their final exams at one of our five high schools. Exam dates are established by VSC and students are required to choose a testing date within the established testing window. For more information on dates and deadlines, visit the VSC Dates and Deadlines webpage.

Students enrolled in a VSC course must register for a proctored exam location and date here Additional exam details can be accessed here. You will need to present photo identification to begin your exam. You will also need to know the username and password for your VSC account to access the exam.

For more information, contact dsistare@lexington1.net or Howard Bissell at hbissell@lexington1.net.