Job Shadowing

On-site job shadowing is a short-term opportunity that allows students to spend several hours or a full day with an employer. Students will observe an employee performing their regular job duties while observing and asking questions. Every job shadowing experience is unique, depending on the type of business and employer. Many students who participate in job shadowing are excited and often more motivated learners.

How Students Benefit from Job Shadowing

Job shadowing helps students develop a realistic outlook on careers and the educational preparation, competencies, and experience it takes to enter the workforce. A visit to the work place assists students in connecting what they are learning in the classroom to the skills needed to succeed in careers.

Job Shadowing Student Requirements

To participate in job shadowing, students must first meet basic eligibility requirements and attend a job shadowing workshop. These workshops are held once each year.

The student will then need to acquire a recommendation from both a teacher and an administrator who can attest to his/her good attendance and discipline.

Setting Up a Job Shadowing Experience
  • Obtain the job shadowing request form from your carerr specialist.
  • Locate/research an employer to shadow. (Some resources for locating an employer are the Yellow Pages of the phone book, Internet, parents, friends, neighbors, and teachers. Select employers related to areas that pertain to your high school major.) If you are unable to locate an employer, the school’s Career Specialist will assist in the search.
  • Call the employer for information to complete the job shadowing request form.
  • Complete the shadowing request form and return it to the Career Specialist.
  • The student will call the employer to schedule the job shadowing appointment. Once the job shadowing appointment is confirmed, you will receive a job shadowing folder.

Before the Job Shadowing Experience

  • Obtain the job shadowing folder from Career Specialist.
  • Complete the Parent/Guardian/Teacher Shadowing Permission Contract. The Parent/Guardian/Teacher Shadowing Permission Contract must be completed and signed by your parent/guardian and teachers. This form must be submitted to the Career Specialist two days before job shadowing. (You will not be allowed to shadow if the permission contract is not returned to the Career Specialist within two days of job shadowing appointment.)
  • Arrange transportation to the work site.
  • Call the employer to confirm the job shadowing appointment two days prior to the visit. (Students are not to call Lexington or Palmetto Health Hospitals, Riverbanks Zoo, Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, or Lexington County EMS. The Career Specialist will contact these businesses to arrange your job shadowing.)
  • Dress nicely. Business casual attire is recommended (no jeans, logos or pictures on shirts, hats, perfume, cologne, or open-toe shoes.)

Notify the employer and Career Specialist if for any reason you cannot keep the appointment. If you are to arrive at 8:00 a.m., call to cancel no later than 7:00 a.m.

During the Job Shadow Visit

  • Arrive 10 minutes early, wear your school I.D.; bring a pen, folder, and lunch or lunch money.
  • Tell the receptionist you are there to job shadow. Ask for your contact person. Shake hands firmly if offered.
  • Remember to be courteous, kind, and polite. You are a representative of our school and school district.
  • Ask questions, fill out the Student Interview Questionnaire, and show interest in the information being shared. Remember to smile, use good eye contact, posture, and be confident.
  • Give the Evaluation Form to the employer and offer to return the form to the school’s Career Specialist.

After the Job Shadow Visit

Return the job shadowing folder to the Career Specialist with the completed Questionnaire, Employer Evaluation Form, and thank you note/postcard within two school days to comply with the deadline. Failure to meet any of the above listed deadlines will forfeit the excused absence.