The GED Essay


"The Writing Skills Test (of the GED) is divided into two parts: a multiple-choice fifty-five question section (Part 1), and an essay (Part II)... In Part II, you will compose a well-written response to a question about a subject or an issue. Each essay is scored independently by two trained and certified professionals who will grade you on ability to write effectively and clearly, make the main point of your essay, and thoroughly support your ideas." -- Center for Adult Learning & Educational Credentials.

 STEP ONE: Go to the web site below:
 Sample Questions: Writing Skills Test Part Two

     Study carefully the section on Description and Sample of Essay.

   STEP TWO: Visit the following web site:

 Guide to Writing a Basic Essay
First, scroll down to: "View a sample basic essay" and click on it. Spend a few minutes reading and studying it. Make some mental notes that will be of help to you when you start writing your essay.

The Sevenfold Path  to a Great Essay:

1.    Decide on your topic.

2.    Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas.

3.    Write your thesis statement.

4.    Write the body.
    a.    Write the main points.
    b.    Write the subpoints.
    c,    Elaborate on the subpoints.

5.    Write the introduction.

6.    Write the conclusion.

7.    Add the finishing touches.

   STEP THREE (Optional): An Internet Resource Guide to Better Writing. Browse some of the following web sites. Find some that are particularly useful to you.


GED Specific Sites
Hints for GED Essay Writers GED Test Official Site

General Reference Sites
Guide to Grammar and Writing Indispensable Writing Resources Grammar Help
Common Errors in English A+ Research & Writing
Purdue University Writing Lab Online Guide to Writing and Research Basic Composition: "Welcome to English 111"
College Writing on the Internet Writers' Handbook - University of Wisconsin Writers' Guide - University of Victoria

   STEP FOUR: Go to
       to practice what you have learned. Choose the Essay portion.

   STEP FIVE: Write an essay using the following sample topic (taken from "The Official Guide to the Test of General Educational Development [GED])" printed by the GED Testing Service, Washington, DC.


Sample Topic

    "It always strikes me as a terrific shame to see young people spending so much of their time staring at television. If we unplugged all the television sets, our children would grow up to be healthier, better educated, and more independent human beings."
    Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Write a composition of about 200 words presenting your view and supporting it with examples from your own experience or your observations of others.

Turn in completed product to your GED instructor for grading.

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