Media Room

Lexington County School District One’s Communications Office works with the media to respond to their requests for information and/or interviews.

In order to protect instructional time at schools and to ensure that the media relations process works smoothly for everyone, reporters should not contact schools directly but should contact the Communications Office by calling (803) 821-1150 for assistance.

Our office then works with school principals and public relations correspondents to determine if the schools can accommodate the reporters request. 

Our office also contacts employees to make arrangements for interviews. 

The district does not let students talk directly to a reporter without a parent’s prior consent.

Helpful Information for the Media

The Communications Office provides several online resources that may answer media questions. The district’s Quick Facts page is particularly helpful.

Our office also shares Lexington District One news through news releases and event lists that we write and distribute for the district and its schools. We encourage media to cover certain school events and activities and provide a weekly media advisories for your convenience. You can find all of these on the district’s website here.

Media Inquiries and Requests

For any other questions, members of the media should contact:

  • Chief Communications Officer, Mary Beth Hill — telephone: 803-821-1152; mobile: 803-609-1955; email: mbhill@lexington1.net
  • Communications Manager, Rachel Ham — telephone: 803-821-1155; mobile: 803-297-9784; email: rham@lexington1.net
  • Media Production Coordinator, Rob Starkey — telephone: 803-821-1153; email: rstarkey@lexington1.net

Freedom of Information Act Requests

All requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) must be submitted in writing to Lexington County School District One’s Chief Communications Officer. Visit the FOIA Requests page to learn how to request information.

Social Media

Lexington County School District One’s Communications Office uses social media to share information about the district, schools, students, and employees and to engage in conversations with our stakeholders. You can follow Lexington One on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube simply by clicking on the links to the right.

On Facebook, just “like” the district here.

On Twitter, “follow” the district here.

On YouTube, just “subscribe” here.

When using our social media pages, please keep in mind the following Rules of Engagement.

  • Lexington One’s mission is to prepare 21st century graduates. Make sure your comments are appropriate for an educational environment and for fans of all ages.
  • You should not expect responses to every question or comment posted in social media.
  • Be respectful. We will not tolerate personal attacks or comments that are deemed offensive to any member of our community.
  • Be factual. We do not allow blatantly inaccurate or false information.
  • Do not post personal issues. If you have a personal issue with a staff member, school or the district, you should communicate with that person directly. The district’s pages were not intended to circumvent regular communication channels for sharing personal issues and concerns. We will remove comments regarding personal issues with the district, a school, student or staff member.
  • We will remove inappropriate remarks or remarks containing profanity.
  • You may not use the district’s Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube pages to boost your product sales or run for political office.
  • If you abuse these guidelines, we will remove your post and consider permanently blocking/removing you.

For any other questions, please contact: