Solicitations and Awards


Frequently, the District will solicit requests from qualified companies to fulfill specific contract needs. A list of current solicitations is posted below.

To request a copy of a solicitation, click on the solicitation description below for a request form. Send the completed form by e-mail to the responsible Procurement Officer. Please include the solicitation number and description in the e-mail subject line.


Solicitation Number



Closing–Opening Date





House for Sale - Built by Students at Gilbert High School 


6/28/2017, 3PM




Furnish, Deliver, Implement, Provide Training and Maintenance/Support for a Vendor Hosted Transportation Management Solution


  4/4/2017, 3PM


PT2017.5    Furnish, Deliver, Implement, Provide Training, and Maintenance/Support for a Vendor Hosted Digital Media Software Solution for Food Services and Nutrition    4/27/2017, 4PM    Closed
 FPBT2017.1    Furnish Appliance Repair Parts   8/15/2017, 3PM    Open
B2017.9   Provide Demolition and Restoration Services at 314 Main Street, Gilbert, South Carolina as Specified    6/22/2017, 3PM   Open
Q2017.26    Furnish, Deliver, and Set in Place New Fitness Equipment as Specified   6/21/2017, 3PM    Closed 
Q2017.27    Furnish and Deliver New Steel Drums and Accessories   6/16/2017, 3PM    Closed 
 BT2017.9   Furnish and Deliver Milk Products as Specified   7/11/2017, 3PM    Open 
 BT2017.11   Furnish, Deliver, Install, Maintain, and Service Dishwashing Chemical Dispensing Machines and Cleaning Chemicals as Specified   7/12/2017, 3PM    Open 



Award notices for District solicitations are posted below.

Solicitation Number




Posting Date

 BT2017.6   Furnish, Deliver, Install and Repair Door Access Hardware as Specified    4/18/2017
Q2017.20    Furnish, Deliver and Setup New Professional Timpani Set as Specified    4/6/2017
BT2017.7   Provide Annual Fire Alarm Inspections and Testing Services as Specified
B2017.8    Furnish, Deliver and Install New Bogen Intercommunications Systems as Specified
Q2017.21   Furnish, Deliver and Install Toilet Partitions as Specified    5/5/2017
Q2017.23   Furnish, Deliver, Install and Provide Training on New Automotive Collision Repair Computerized Measuring System Equipment and Software as Specified    5/19/2017
Q2017.22   Furnish, Deliver and Install New Baseball Backstop Pads as Specified    6/5/2017
B2017.7   House for Sale-Built by Students at Pelion High School    6/6/2017
 PT2017.4   Provide Long Term Care and Critical Needs Policies   6/12/2017 
Q2017.24   Furnish and Deliver New Light Fixtures as Specified    6/15/2017
 Q2017.26   Furnish, Deliver, and Set In Place New Fitness Equipment as Specified   6/21/2017