Solicitations and Awards



Frequently, the District will solicit requests from qualified companies to fulfill specific contract needs. A list of current solicitations is posted below.

To request a copy of a solicitation, click on the solicitation description below for a request form. Send the completed form by e-mail to the responsible Procurement Officer. Please include the solicitation number and description in the e-mail subject line.


Solicitation Number




Closing–Opening Date



 B2019.2   Furnish, Deliver, and Install a Turnkey Solution for Upgrading Theatrical Lighting Systems as Specified     7/30/2018, 3 PM     Closed
 BVBT2019.1   Furnish, Deliver, and Install Network Cabling as Specified   7/31/2018, 3 PM    Open 
PT2019.1   Provide a Turnkey Solution to Furnish, Deliver and Install a Severe Weather Detection System as Specified    8/9/2018, 3 PM   Closed
B2019.3   Furnish, Deliver and Install New Intercommunication System Battery Powered Wireless Analog Clocks as Specified    8/9/2018, 4 PM   Closed
BT2019.2    Provide Storm Water Retention and Detention Pond Inspections as Specified    8/15/2018, 3 PM    Open
Q2019.8    Provide Asbestos Management Plan Update and Re-Inspection Services    8/21/2018, 3 PM   Open


Award notices for District solicitations are posted below.

Solicitation Number




Posting Date




Furnish and Deliver New Makeblock mBot Robot Kits as Specified 



 FPBT2018.1   After School Care Program   04/16/2018
B2018.10     Furnish, Deliver and Install Intercommunication Systems as Specified   5/22/2018 
BT2018.5    Provide Wastewater Treatment Services as Specified   5/31/2018
Q2018.30    Furnish and Deliver New Tankless LP Gas-Fired Water Heaters and Expansion Tanks as Specified    6/5/2018
PT2018.4    Provide HVAC Mechanical Maintenance Services    7/24/2018
B2018.12    Furnish, Deliver and Install New PE Room Floor Surfaces as Specified    6/6/2018
B2018.14    Furnish and Deliver New Interior Door Hardware as Specified    6/6/2018
B2018.26    Furnish and Deliver New Commercial Water Heaters as Specified    6/7/2018
B2018.11   Provide Parking Lot Line Striping as Specified    6/7/2018
Q2018.29    Furnish, Deliver and Install Temperature Monitoring and Alarm System for Freezers and Coolers as Specified    6/19/2018
B2018.12    Furnish, Deliver and Install New PE Room Floor Surfaces as Specified, Lot 4 and 5    6/20/2018
Q2018.32    Provide Portable Classroom Relocation Services    6/26/2018
 B2018.17   Furnish, Deliver and Install Fencing as Specified    7/2/2018
 B2018.20   Furnish and Deliver New Football Helmets and Accessories as Specified   7/16/2018 
Q2019.1    Furnish, Deliver and Provide Ceiling Painting Services as Specified 
Q2019.2    Furnish, Deliver and Provide Caulk and Sealant Application Services as Specified    7/17/2018 
 Q2019.3   Furnish and Deliver New Carpet Extractors as Specified 
PT2018.6    Furnish, Deliver, and Implement a New Mobile Radio Solution   7/23/2018 
 BT2019.1   Furnish and Deliver Bread Products as Specified   7/24/2018 
B2019.1    Furnish, Deliver, and Install a Turnkey Solution for Upgrading the Theatrical Lighting Systems as Specified.   7/31/2018 
Q2019.5    Furnish and Deliver New Cosmetology Kits and Manikins as Specified    8/8/2018
B2019.1    House for Sale - Built by Students at Lexington Technology Center    8/8/2018