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No Child Left Behind

The federal No Child Left Behind Act was adopted, in part, to ensure that schools and school districts across the country employ highly qualified teachers and instructional assistants in schools that receive federal funds.

As part of this legislation, we are required to let you know that you may request and receive information about the professional qualifications of your child’s classroom teacher(s) and any instructional assistant(s) working in your child’s classroom.

The law requires public school elementary and secondary teachers to meet their state’s definition of highly qualified teacher for each core academic subject they teach. According to No Child Left Behind, these subjects are English, reading, language arts, mathematics, science, history, civics and government, geography, economics, the arts, and foreign language. Special education teachers and teachers of English language learners must be highly qualified if they teach core academic subjects to their students.

According to this law, a “highly qualified” teacher is one who:

  • holds a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and
  • is certified or licensed (as defined by the state) in the content area in which he/she teachers,
  • has demonstrated competency (as defined by the state) in each core academic subject he/she teaches.

This law also requires your school to inform you when a teacher does not meet the “highly qualified” definition set forth in the NCLB law.

According to this law, a “highly qualified” aide or assistant is one who:

  • holds a two-year degree,
  • has two years of college with 60 semester hours, or
  • passes a state test.

Lexington County School District One’s Board of Trustees places top priority on hiring highly qualified teachers and paraprofessionals for all our classrooms.

As part of our continued commitment to excellence, we ask each teacher to put information about his/her qualifications on his/her teacher Web page. You can access those Web pages by going to the website of your child’s school. The district’s website address is www.lexington1.net. You can get to school website from there.

If you neither own a computer nor have access to the Internet, the Gilbert, Lexington, and Pelion branches of the Lexington County Library system all provide Internet access.

If you still cannot get this information from our website and would like to receive it, just send a letter to your child’s principal. In that letter, please give your child’s name, the name of the teacher or paraprofessional, and the grade or subject that person teaches. Your principal will provide you with the information after receiving your request.