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Lexington County School District One believes that parental involvement is essential for each student’s academic success. Parents and guardians work as ONE with Lexington One to ensure that our schools prepare our students for success.


Lexington County School District One uses a system called PeachJar to distribute fliers for community events that meet the standards set forth in the flier policy. Please contact the Communications department with any questions about distributing fliers.

Helpful Resources

A new resource, the Parent Toolkit, from NBC News’s Education Nation helps parents support their children’s growth in all areas, academic and otherwise. Resources such as videos, guides, and growth charts are focused on health and wellness; academic pursuits; and social and emotional development.


This year our district again offered parents an online opportunity to register their students, fill out some paperwork and even pay fees before schedule pick up days through InfoSnap, an online student registration system.

Now that school is back in session, parents who updated their child’s information using InfoSnap can login at any time to retrieve a copy of the information submitted as well as access all of the back to school information that was available when they updated InfoSnap this summer. Click here to log into InfoSnap.

Here’s a link to some frequently asked questions.

Naviance family connection

Naviance is a web-based college and career readiness platform designed for students in grades 6–12 and their parents. It provides comprehensive college and career readiness information for middle and high school students and helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals.

After logging into PowerSchool, parents of students in grades 6–12 can access the Naviance Family Connection through the PowerSchool Parent Portal by clicking on the white arrow on the far right of the blue bar, located at the top of the page.


Use the PowerSchool Parent Portal to easily check your child’s grades, review assignments, access Naviance Family Connection (Grades 6–12) and more. Click here to go to the log in page or click here for information regarding computer environments (web browsers, operating systems, and Java version) for PowerSchool.

S.C. Sex Offender Registry

Lexington District One’s highest priority is the the safety of students and staff.

In accordance with state law, the school district must provide a link to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division’s sex offender registry.

Here is that link.


Lexington One uses a communications tool called SchoolMessenger. 

It is a telephone messaging system that helps us get emergency and general messages to our staff, students and students’ parents/guardians quickly by telephone. We can, for instance, let you know that we are closing early due to bad weather, that your child’s bus is running late, that your child missed a day of school or even that your child is running low on lunch money.

You can update your telephone numbers, email addresses and other information in SchoolMessenger at any time. 

Just sign in using the Contact Manager feature of SchoolMessenger and select the Contacts tab.

If you have never set up your account, this should help.


Schoology is the Learning Management System for middle and high schools beginning 2014–2015. Your child’s school will distribute Schoology parent codes. Please view the parent activation video to learn how to use your access code to establish a Schoology account. Note that this video is not viewable on a Lexington One Student Device. Additionally, you can view written directions on how to establish your account and an overview of how to navigate your account. Parents may activate and view their Schoology account here.


Support organizations, such as booster clubs and parent teacher associations, play an important role in support of the district’s schools. Without them, schools would not be able to provide many of the opportunities that students enjoy through programs supported by these organizations.

The Support Organization Guide was written with the help of parents, students and staff members, who volunteered their time and talents. Their work exemplifies the cooperative support schools need from parents to mold strong educational institutions for all the children who attend them.

See the guide here.