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Lexington County School District One believes that parental involvement is essential for each student’s academic success. Parents and guardians work as ONE with Lexington One to ensure that our schools prepare our students for success.


In 2018–2019, Lexington County School District One students will come back to school on Tuesday, August 21, 2018.

The district tries to make the back-to-school registration process as easy as possible for our parents by offering online registration. In addition, all Lexington County School District One schools hold class assignment/schedule pickup dates prior to the first day of school. At that time, parents and students can pick up class assignments, pay school fees, purchase meal tickets, join the Parent Teacher Association, or complete other necessary paperwork.


Research shows that students with informed and involved parents do better academically. Lexington District One believes in regular, high-quality communication between home, school and community and uses several different products (Edgenuity, PowerSchool, Schoology, others) across the district. Although you will access these products through the internet, your students are not required to have internet access at home. Students can access some of these products outside of school, but the district does not require that they access them outside of school.

Edgenuity is digital content for students in grades 6–12 and students taking courses through the district’s virtual school. Parents can have weekly student progress reports emailed to them. The Edgenuity contact at your student’s school can enter your preferred email address and provide you with an activation code.

Naviance Family Connection
(Grades 6–12,River Bluff High School, White Knoll High School)
Naviance Family Connection is a web-based college- and career-readiness platform designed for students and their parents. If you’d like to learn more about Naviance Family Connection, here’s a link to a short video. The Naviance site also provides valuable information for parents just getting started. 

Naviance Family Connection provides comprehensive college- and career-readiness information for middle and high school students, and helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals. Its comprehensive college- and career-planning solutions optimize student success, help students align their strengths and interests to post-secondary goals, maximize counselor effectiveness, and track results for school and district administrators. This program also allows students and their parents to determine the student’s learning styles and career interests, research colleges, help with the college application process or prepare a personal résumé. 

Parents with a PowerSchool account can log in to access Naviance Family Connection. If, after logging into your account, you have questions about the Naviance Family Connection page, there are many good parent resources here.

You can easily access your student’s grades and attendance using the PowerSchool Parent PortalParents and students can also download a PowerSchool mobile application (available for iPhones or Android telephones).

If you have not already created a PowerSchool Lexington District One parent account, just follow these steps.

1. You will need a PowerSchool parent Access ID and password. Contact your child’s school for this information. This is not the username and password you will use to create your PowerSchool account.

2. Once you have a parent Access ID and password for each of your children, click here and go to the “Create Account” link.

3. Your child’s school will give you information with steps-by-step instructions.

4. It is best to use the same email address for this account as the email address you originally provided to your child’s school.

Once you create your PowerSchool account, you can elect to receive emails with information about your child’s grades and/or attendance. Just set the “Email Notification” while you are in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Click here to go to the login page or click here for information regarding computer environments for PowerSchool. 

Schoology is a dynamic platform that allows teachers and students to work digitally and to communicate with each other on both computers and mobile devices.

With Schoology, students can submit homework assignments, participate in interactive discussions, receive announcements and feedback, take assessments and collaborate with their peers.

Teachers use Schoology to monitor student progress and activity in order to ensure a safe, secure and controlled environment.

Parents also have access to the system, and are encouraged to view teacher and student activity. Contact your student’s school in order to receive your parent Schoology access code and directions explaining how to establish your parent account.

Please view the parent activation video to learn how to use your access code to establish a Schoology account. Note that this video is not viewable on a Lexington One Student Device. Additionally, you can view written directions on how to establish your account and an overview of how to navigate your account. Parents may activate and view their Schoology account here.

South Carolina Occupational Information System
As a state program, SCOIS is authorized by both federal and state law, and is mandated to provide a vast array of career development products and services.

The program assists educators with incorporating integrative learning strategies that address state curriculum standards in conjunction with current and practical educational and career information by providing free lesson plans. In addition, SCOIS allows teachers to develop efficient long-range academic achievement plans for students.

Tools for students include career assessments, career games, college information, occupational information, college major information, scholarship searches, career cluster information, school subjects matched to careers, financial aid information, career videos, résumé building tools, electronic portfolios, and salary and outlook information on potential careers.

Career guidance tools are available for parents. Administrator reports allow teachers and counseling teams to work closely with students on college and career readiness.

Parents, students and teachers should consult their career specialist for login details and codes.


Click here for the Academic Calendar.


All Lexington County School District One schools hold class assignment/schedule pick up dates prior to the first day of school. At that time, parents and students can pick up class assignments, pay school fees, purchase meal tickets or complete other necessary paperwork.

On class assignment/schedule pick up day, please bring proof of residency with you. For proof of residency, you can bring a current electric bill/statement or other utility bill showing your name and home address within the district and your South Carolina driver’s license or other state or federal photograph identification.

If you are unable to produce any of the documents listed above, please contact the school or the Office of Student Services at 803-821-1029 to discuss alternative documentation that may be acceptable.

Here’s a list of the 2018–2019 class assignment/schedule pick up dates.


In order to enroll your child, you will need to bring your child’s birth certificate, a completed South Carolina Certificate of Immunization, and proof of residency to the school for which your child is zoned. Click here for more information.


School fees are used to purchase “consumable goods” — music sheets or supplies that the student will use during the activity and which cannot be used again by another student.

Any fees collected by a school and not appearing on the fee lists are voluntary fees and not required.

Here’s a link to those fees.


Lexington County School District One uses a system called PeachJar to distribute fliers for community events that meet the standards set forth in the flier policy. Please contact the Communications department with any questions about distributing fliers.


Food Service and Nutrition
Lexington District One knows how important healthy meals are to children and their ability to learn. That is why the Food Service and Nutrition office is committed to providing students with appetizing, nutritious and delicious meals each year. Learn more here.

In order for a child to be admitted to any public school, that child must have required vaccinations and immunizations.

Here’s a link to a list of required vaccinations and immunizations.

Special Health Care Needs
Information for students with special health needs is here.

Click here to download the permission form for school administration of non–prescription and prescription medication.

Click here for a notice of the destruction of educations special education records.


A new resource, the Parent Toolkit, from NBC News’s Education Nation helps parents support their children’s growth in all areas, academic and otherwise. Resources such as videos, guides, and growth charts are focused on health and wellness; academic pursuits; and social and emotional development.


Both Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 plans can offer formal help for K–12 students with learning and attention issues. 

They’re similar in some ways but quite different in others. The chart on this page compares them side-by-side to help you understand the differences.

The South Carolina Department of Education also provides helpful information for parents on their website.

One of the documents provided there is the Office of Exceptional Children’s Special Education Process Guide for South Carolina. 

If you have questions about Lexington County School District One’s guidelines for 504s, you can find those on our website.


Over the years, the district came to realize that the press/media’s use of newer forms of communication were blurring the lines of parent consent and making it harder and harder to communicate to parents what they were consenting to release. As newspapers and television stations began to use social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and websites more to communicate news, it became more important to be more specific as we asked for parent permission.

FERPA Directory Information
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records, gives parents certain rights with respect to their children’s education records, and requires that Lexington County School District One obtain your written consent or the student’s written consent if over 18 years of age, with certain exceptions, prior to the disclosure of personally identifiable information from your child’s education records.

FERPA Directory Information deals with personally identifiable information in each child’s educational records and information that the district maintains through PowerSchool, for instance. This is information that schools use as part of the daily educational process such as grades, home address, telephone numbers and for internal use in honor rolls, annuals, height and weight for basketball, football or wrestling programs, recognition lists, newsletters, playbills, programs (including graduation and athletic programs), etc.

The district routinely discloses directory information to outside organizations that contract with the district such as companies that manufacture class rings, take school photographs, or publish school annuals or yearbooks.

FERPA specifically has a reference to military recruiters in the law. So, in compliance with the law, the district also routinely discloses directory information (name, address, telephone number) to military recruiters, upon request. Here’s a link to more information about FERPA.

Student Media Consent and Release
The Media Consent and Release form allows us to determine whether parents want their children to appear in any form of public media or media that has the potential to be public such as the district’s own social media posts, television or newspaper stories and photographs, internal or external videos, radio interviews, newsletters, publications, etc. 

At the beginning of the year, the student’s parent or legal guardian is asked, through a Media Consent and Release form, to give Lexington District One and its employees, representatives and authorized media organizations permission to print, photograph and record their child for use in audio, video, film or any other electronic, digital or printed media. You can view the form here.

The Media Consent and Release form allows us to determine whether parents want their children to appear in any form of public media or media that has the potential to be public such as the district’s own social media posts, television or newspaper stories and photographs, internal or external videos, radio interviews, newsletters, publications, etc.


This year our district offered parents an online opportunity to register their student(s), fill out some paperwork and even pay fees online before schedule pick up days through Online Registration, powered by PowerSchool. 

At this time, online registration is currently closed. Parents can still log in at any time to retrieve a copy of the information submitted during online registration. Click here to login to Online Registration.

You can view some frequently asked questions about Online Registration here.

Personal Mobile Computing

You can find information about Personal Mobile Computing here.


Lexington District One’s highest priority is the safety of students and staff.

In accordance with state law, the school district must provide a link to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division’s sex offender registry.

Here is that link.


Tip Line
Lexington County School District One has a districtwide Tip Line, accessible online, by phone or by email. Students, parents and staff can anonymously report school safety concerns or the improper use of district resources.

You can submit a report to the district’s Tip Line by calling 803-636-8317 and leaving a message; texting details of your concern to 803-636-8317; filling out the appropriate form here; or emailing details of your concern to 1607@alert1.us.com.

Please leave a detailed message that includes the name of the school or office where the concern happened.

It is not required that you provide a name or telephone number. However, you may provide a name or telephone number if you do not want to remain anonymous.

If you submit a concern after hours or on the weekend or school holiday, and feel that your concern is urgent, you can contact Midlands Crimestoppers at 1-888-274-6372.

Visitor check–in reminders
Lexington County School District One believes there is no better way for you to learn about your child’s school than by volunteering at that school and attending your child’s school activities and events.

Each time you come to school, whether to volunteer, attend an event or meet with a teacher, you will check in and out at the front desk. As you leave the building, you return to the school’s check-in station, click on the “visitors” icon, locate your name and click on “check-out.” This checks you out of the system and indicates you left the school. This helps us keep our schools safe by ensuring that no unauthorized person enters. 

Simply bring your driver’s license with you and check in by feeding it through the scanner. That scanner will “read” your driver’s license, run a quick check, and print out a temporary, stick-on visitor/volunteer badge that displays your photograph and name as well as the date, time and purpose of your visit.

Should the system flag a visitor for any reason, the system automatically and privately alerts the front office staff and the school’s administrators. An administrator will then talk to the individual and work through any issue.

All visitors and volunteers must wear their name badges in plain sight at all times while on school grounds or at school-related events or activities. Visitors will not, however, be asked to check in and out using this system during large evening PTA/PTO meetings, school plays, programs, athletic events, etc.

When an event takes place that requires chaperones or volunteers to supervise students and is after school or away from school, schools will work with those chaperones or volunteers to make sure that they receive approved volunteer badges for the event.


Bus routes are located under the details on each school page.

You can find information about school bus transportation here.


Wondering when your child needs to be at school? Click here for school schedules.


Lexington One uses a communications tool called SchoolMessenger. It is a telephone messaging system that helps us get emergency and general messages to our staff and students’ parents/guardians quickly by telephone.  We can, for instance, let you know that we are closing early due to bad weather, that your child’s bus is running late, that your child missed a day of school or even that your child is running low on lunch money.

At the beginning of each school year, we are also required to notify you about your rights under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. If you do not want to receive calls or text messages on your cell telephone, you can change your preferences at any time by using the SchoolMessenger website or the SchoolMessenger app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Market. 

In case you are interested, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (47 U.S.C. 227) is a law that was passed by the US Congress in 1991. This law places restrictions on telephone solicitations and the use of automated telephone equipment, protecting the public from receiving unwanted phone calls.

While schools enjoy exemptions from some of these restrictions, the preference configurations within SchoolMessenger allow parents/guardians and staff to set their consent state (“yes” or “no”) for each telephone number associated with their account. With the exception of emergency calls, which cannot be exempted, any telephone number whose consent state is set to “no” will not receive calls from SchoolMessenger. The information we have for you in the SchoolMessenger system comes from our student information system, PowerSchool. If we send an emergency message using the SchoolMessenger system, the system will call the number that you, the parent, designated to receive emergency calls.

If your telephone number(s) or email address changes for any reason, you can change those before school begins as you register your student online using the district’s online registration system. If, after school begins, you need to change your telephone number(s) or email address, contact your child’s school.

If you are a new parent this year or you are a parent who never set up a SchoolMessenger account, you will need to create a new SchoolMessenger account using the email address we currently have on file for you in PowerSchool. Click here for directions on creating an account and managing your preferences. 

Parents of students new to Lexington District One, when you register your child and provide your mobile telephone number as part of your contact information, you will receive a confirmation text message from short code 67587 letting you know you've been registered to receive text messages through SchoolMessenger. If you do not wish to receive text messages from Lexington District One, reply ‘Stop’ to the message you receive. You may want to create a new contact in your contacts list for the short code 67587 called Lexington One to make it easier to know that the message is coming from Lexington District One.

Opting in to receive text messages from SchoolMessenger allows you to receive emergency and general text messages from the district and from your child’s school. Just reply “Y” or “Yes” to opt-in or “Stop” to opt-out when you receive the opt-in message.

SchoolMessenger does not charge any text message fees, but your wireless provider may charge text message fees. You can find that information in your account plan.

SchoolMessenger app information:
English version
Spanish version



Support organizations, such as booster clubs and parent teacher associations, play an important role in support of the district’s schools. Without them, schools would not be able to provide many of the opportunities that students enjoy through programs supported by these organizations.

The Support Organization Guide was written with the help of parents, students and staff members, who volunteered their time and talents. Their work exemplifies the cooperative support schools need from parents to mold strong educational institutions for all the children who attend them.

See the guide here.

The district also provides best practices training from time to time. The last training was held in August 2017. See the presentation here.