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Senior Experience Handbook

High school seniors nearing the completion of 12 years of education have taken a variety of courses and developed an assortment of skills during those years. 

The senior year is a time for students to assimilate their knowledge and skills in a senior experience to showcase what they have learned. The project provides an opportunity for students to choose an area of interest, conduct research, and demonstrate problem‐solving, decision making, and independent learning skills. 

It contributes to a strong senior year of challenging courses and practical experiences that prepare students for the next step in work and further education, while following the district’s LexLeads, LexLearns, LexLives initiative.

A senior experience involves several steps.

  • First, students select a topic, gather information and create a plan of action with their adviser.
  • Second, students complete an analytical, in-depth research project in their English IV class culminating with a formal research paper.
  • Third, students job shadow someone in the field they are researching and complete a product that applies some aspect of the research.
  • Finally, for a senior experience exhibition, students create an electronic presentation in which they explain and defend their work to students, teachers and community leaders who know about and are interested in the topic.

Senior experiences are challenging. In showing what they have learned, they require considerable effort on the part of the students. A good senior experience requires students to plan in order to meet deadlines and manage the project successfully. Students have opportunities to gather information, integrate academic and career/technical studies, develop verbal and nonverbal communication skills, and feel a sense of accomplishment for a job well done.

The full Senior Experience Handbook is available in both English and Spanish below.

River Bluff High Senior Expedition Syllabus

River Bluff High Senior Expedition Syllabus (Spanish)