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FAQs for Students

How do I get a transcript for educational or employment purposes?

If you graduated from one of our four high schools (Gilbert High, Lexington High, Pelion High, or White Knoll High), you can get a transcript for educational or employment purposes by contacting the records secretary in that school’s guidance office.

Call the high school and ask for the records secretary. She can tell you whether you will need to put your request in writing or whether you will be able to make the request by telephone.

How does the district define honor graduates?

Honor graduates are seniors who have an overall GPA of 4.0 or who have a GPA that ranks in the top 10 percent of the senior class. Lexington One high schools recognize the honor graduates during graduation ceremonies.


Graduation —— Is it true that graduates won’t be allowed to wear honor cords, etc.?

No. It is not true. This is just a rumor.

Graduating students will continue the same traditions this year and will recognize their academic accomplishments at this year’s graduation just as they have every year.

They can earn the right to wear a variety of stoles, cords, medallions.

Some examples follow:

  • Students who complete a “major” receive a cord to wear around their neck and over their gown.

  • Centers for Advanced Study completers wear a white stole with the center’s logo on it.

  • Graduates of the district’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme receive a stole.

  • The district’s high schools recognize honor graduates in a variety of ways. Some give medallions. Some give honor graduate stoles.

  • Graduates of the SC Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics and SC college partners’ Accelerate program wear a medallion.

  • The district’s high schools recognize National Honor Society and/or Beta Club members with seals on diplomas, stoles, etc.

  • And, this year for the first time, students who have enlisted and will go directly into a branch of the military will receive a new military cord.