Lexington One’s response to inquiries about River Bluff High School evacuation

Oct 02 2017

For about 30 minutes this morning, River Bluff High School evacuated all students and staff within seven minutes in response to a suspicious bag found in a trash can outside of the school. Upon further investigation by law enforcement, the bag contained a power pack for an insulin pump.

The district takes any report like this very seriously and immediately informed the Town of Lexington Police Department through the School Resource Officer.

The district thanks the Town of Lexington Police, Lexington Fire Department, Lexington EMS, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department’s bomb squad and the FBI for their prompt response and professionalism.

The safety and well-being of our students and staff is our highest priority. For that reason, the district encourages students and their parents to immediately report any safety concerns to a school administrator, School Resource Officer, school counselor, teacher or other employee. The district also has a Tip Line (803-821-1232) which students, parents and others can use to anonymously report safety concerns.