Lexington District One Board votes to approve the 2019–2020 Academic Calendar

Aug 21 2018

Tonight, the Lexington County School District One Board of Trustees voted to approve the 2019–2020 Academic Calendar (next year’s calendar).

After some discussion about when Spring Break would occur, we decided to find out exactly how parents and staff felt.

As parents registered online this year and filled out their student’s information, they were asked a question about Spring Break. We also asked staff the same question through another online survey.

Of the 24,719 parents and staff who responded, 17,280 or 70% chose the option that tied Spring Break to Easter weekend.

It has been the district’s practice to tie Spring Break to Easter weekend. In fact, the results of this survey indicate that our parents and staff want us to continue this practice.

In the future, Easter weekend will occur at the beginning or end of Spring Break. Know, too, that the district will make every effort to make the Friday of Easter weekend a day off and not a weather makeup day.

Thank you for participating in this process and thank you for a great school start this morning. We are looking forward to an exciting year!

Dr. Greg Little, Superintendent