If you received an email and/or call on Sunday...

Aug 05 2017

On Sunday, August 6, parents received an email and a telephone call with basically the same information about Tdap vaccinations for seventh-graders and applying for free and reduced meal prices.

The message went something like this.

First, if you are the parent of a seventh-grader, please make sure you take your seventh-grader’s proof of Tdap vaccination to the school before school begins on Tuesday, August 22. 

If your seventh-grader hasn’t had a Tdap vaccination yet, contact your child’s healthcare provider or the health department to make an appointment to get the Tdap vaccination. You can reach the health department at 800-868-0404.

Lexington County School District One is accepting Free and Reduced Price Meal Applications for the 2017–2018 school year.

You can apply online by going to our website at www.lexington1.net and selecting the tab at the top called “Departments,” then choosing the Food Service and Nutrition Office link in the drop-down box. 

Once there, just choose the green “Apply Online” button in the top right. If you have any questions, contact the Food Service and Nutrition Office at 803-821-1186.