Lexington District One finalizes Phase One (rezoning plan)

May 09 2017

At the Tuesday, April 25, 2017, regular monthly meeting of the Lexington County School District One Board of Trustees, the board approved new attendance lines for Meadow Glen Elementary, Midway Elementary and New Providence Elementary schools as well as new attendance lines for Lexington Middle and Meadow Glen Middle schools.

The new attendance zones, slightly revised from first reading, help alleviate overcrowding at Meadow Glen Elementary and Middle schools, efficiently use existing facilities, minimize the division of subdivisions, consider balance for student diversity, allow future student growth in permanent facilities, consider transportation patterns for safe and efficient student transportation, and utilize natural and major road boundaries where possible.

In the elementary rezoning plan, the board decided not to move the attendance lines of Carriage Hill Lakes from Midway Elementary to New Providence Elementary. Carriage Hill Lakes is adjacent to the Hunters Ridge neighborhood, which was not scheduled to move, and the only neighborhood on Highway 6 originally scheduled for rezoning. In addition, keeping the Carriage Hill Lakes neighborhood, which only houses 25 students, at Midway Elementary gives the district clearer options for bus transportation.

The district continues to experience rapid growth in the areas around the Meadow Glen schools. Since Meadow Glen Elementary opened in 2011, it has increased in enrollment from 565 to 1,047 students. After opening in 2012, Meadow Glen Middle rose from an enrollment of 767 to 1,186 students. Lexington County projects the area will continue to grow rapidly.

In fact, during the past 15 years (2001–2016), Lexington District One grew by an average of 501 new students per year and remains one of the fastest-growing school districts in the state, ranking eighth in total enrollment. To keep up with this tremendous growth, the district built 13 schools in the past 15 years. Even so, the district still uses more than 150 portables.

The impact of the final rezoning plan can be seen in the chart below. Simply put, some children who attend these schools this year may attend a different school after the new attendance lines go into effect in 2017–2018. Please note that the numbers listed for rezoned enrollment are based upon no rising fifth-graders (current fourth-graders) electing to stay at their current elementary schools and no rising eighth-graders (current seventh-graders) electing to stay at Meadow Glen Middle School for their “senior” or exit year through the grandfathering option. That election will, of course, affect the numbers for the first year after rezoning once these students and their families make their preferences known.


Current Enrollment

Rezoned Enrollment

Lexington Middle



Meadow Glen Middle



Meadow Glen Elementary



Midway Elementary



New Providence Elementary



The process

Administrators presented proposed attendance lines at the February 21 and March 21 board meetings and at four public meetings held in the affected schools. At every public meeting, parents had the opportunity to hear a presentation, review the proposed attendance lines, ask district administrators questions, discuss the proposed lines with board members and district officials, and give written feedback.

The district will allow rising fifth-graders designated to change elementary schools and rising eighth-graders designated to change middle schools next year due to rezoning the opportunity to stay at their current school for their final year at the school as long as their parents provide transportation. Parents will be given the opportunity to make that decision in May 2017.

The district will also offer immersion students, regardless of grade, the same opportunity.

The 5–Year Growth Plan

This rezoning plan is Phase One of a 5-Year Growth Plan, which includes strategies that the district can use immediately and strategies for implementation over the next five years. The rezoning plan in Phase One paves the way for new attendance lines for a new middle school on Highway 378 in Lexington just before Beechwoods Drive, which may open as early as the 2019–2020 academic year./

The five phases of the growth plan include: 

Phase One — Rezone existing attendance lines to provide relief to the Meadow Glen schools.
Phase Two — Build a new middle school on Highway 378 with existing capital funds and eight percent money.
Phase Three — Do a complete districtwide facilities study.
Phase Four — Consider a future Bond Referendum to pay for facilities’ needs and future construction identified in the facilities study.
Phase Five — Implement approved recommendations from the facilities study.

Middle School Map
Elementary School Map

Check here to see what your child's zone will be next year.