Lexington District One’s response to media inquiries

Sep 18 2017

The Town of Lexington Police Department notified Lexington County School District One administrators that Christopher Raines was arrested today.

The district fully supports the Lexington Police Department’s action. Over the last year, Raines has repeatedly threatened and harassed River Bluff High School students and staff, board members and district officials on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), through telephone calls, emails and other means.

In fact, the district put Raines on a district-wide No Trespass Notice in September of 2016. The No Trespass Notice notified him that he could not be on any Lexington School District One property for any purpose including extracurricular activities such as athletic events or other student performance after threatening comments made toward students.

Raines, however, continued threatening the district, its students and staff through social media, through personal gestures toward students, etc.

Dr. Greg Little, Lexington District One superintendent, reiterated, “The district’s number one priority as a school district is the safety and security of every child who walks through our doors. When parents send their children to our schools they entrust those children to our care. We believe Mr. Raines’ conduct over the last year has compromised our students’ safety and well-being.”