Lexington District One schools reopen Monday

Sep 16 2018

Saturday, Governor Henry McMaster rescinded his executive order mandating the closing of schools across Lexington County and returned the authority for making decisions about school openings and closings to the school districts.

As a result, Lexington County School District One plans to operate on a normal schedule Monday, September 17, and asks all staff and students to report to school Monday at their regular times.

On Sunday, district officials carefully checked road conditions, and Transportation administrators drove school bus routes to verify their safety. However, if parents have extenuating circumstances, they should touch base with the administrators at their child’s school.

Please note that the district also plans to make Wednesday, September 19, a full school day by canceling the Collaborative Planning Day and eliminating early dismissal. Again, Wednesday will be a full school day. There will be no Collaborative Planning.

The district cannot make any final decisions about the academic calendar until we know if Governor McMaster “forgives” the missed school days due to his executive order.

District officials will make decisions about changes to the academic calendar over the next week and will communicate those changes as soon as possible.