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Electronic Fliers

Lexington County School District One works with community organizations to make information about not-for-profit activities or services and enrichment opportunities available to families.

Years ago, Lexington One sent home various fliers the way most schools did — in backpacks. These fliers reached students and, sometimes, parents. However, that process created a lot of extra work for staff and teachers who spent time each week counting them all out. Obviously, the process wasn’t environmentally friendly either.

A few years ago, the district moved to an online resource of electronic fliers, which fixed some of the problems but did not do a thorough job of getting information to our students’ families.

This year the district implements a solution that should make sure information gets to our students’ families, does not burden office staff and teachers, and also helps in the district’s efforts to go green with the help of a company called Peachjar. A nice side benefit is that non-profit organizations, school organizations and others will save paper and the costs associated with copying fliers.


Flier Philosophy

The district makes approved fliers available as electronic fliers through Peachjar for your convenience. The district does not distribute fliers directly to students.

Here’s a short informational video.

How does this benefit parents?

Peachjar manages this service on behalf of the district and Lexington One schools.

Approved fliers, delivered to parents by email, keep parents informed about upcoming school activities, programs and events and community or youth activities, programs and events.

In households with multiple caregivers, fliers don’t always make it to the right parent or guardian. With this system, family members have immediate access to fliers online and the ability to sign up to receive fliers instantly via email.

Parents will receive a welcome email from the service provider, Peachjar, that includes a username and password. To ensure smooth delivery of this communication, please add school@peachjar.com to your email contacts.

If you do not get an email from Peachjar, the district does not have a good email address for you in PowerSchool. You should contact your child’s school and ask them to update your PowerSchool information.

Non-profit organizations and others — How do you get a flier approved?

Lexington County School District One allows approved information or brochures from nonprofit (501C3) organizations (Boy Scouts, the YMCA, Girl Scouts, Lexington One Community Coalition, etc.) — providing their material meets our standards and has been pre-approved by the Communications Office.

We do not approve the distribution nor Web publication of a flier by a “for profit” organization even if that organization is offering something “free” to our students.

We also do not approve fundraising efforts from nonprofit groups.

No commercial publications will be posted or distributed unless their purpose is to further a school activity, such as graduation, class pictures or class rings or to offer a pre-approved enrichment opportunity to our students.

What fliers meet the district’s criteria?

  • Programs or events held within Lexington County;

  • Activities that benefit our students, help develop character, etc.;

  • Programs or events that are youth-related or related to youth education;

  • Fliers that come from approved youth character-building organizations;

  • Fliers that pertain to activities of the community recreation program;

  • Fliers that do not promote nor discourage religion;

  • Fliers nondenominational in nature;

  • Flier contains school names only as part of the location information for events held at schools and in no way implies event is endorsed by school or district;

  • Flier does not disrupt the educational process, violate the rights of others, include material that is defamatory, invade the privacy of others, infringe on a copyright, or be obscene, vulgar or indecent.

What must appear on the flier?

  • The sponsoring organization’s full name;

  • The sponsoring organization’s address;

  • The sponsoring organization’s email address;

  • The sponsoring organization’s telephone number;

  • The sponsoring organization’s web address;

  • The sponsoring organization’s non-profit 501c3 status;

Sponsoring organizations — Now what?

Peachjar manages flier distribution on behalf of our schools using the latest electronic communication technology and charges a fee for this service that is typically much less than han the cost you paid in the past to copy and deliver fliers to schools.

Once your flier is posted to a school’s Peachjar site, parents can view your flier through the Peachjar logo on the school website. Additionally, your flier will be delivered to all parents’ email addresses as an embedded image, not a link. This means parents will immediately see your flier and be able to click through to your website.

To post a flier, organizations just register at www.peachjar.com, select the desired school(s) and upload your flier. Your flier is then automatically submitted to the district for approval. Once approved, your flier is delivered to parents and posted online.

Contact Peachjar for pricing and discount information.

Peachjar Customer Service can be reached at: 858-997-2117. Their website is: http://peachjar.com

All requests from groups or individuals to make information about not-for-profit activities or enrichment services available to Lexington County School District One students through this website will be referred to Peachjar.

Where’s my schools Peachjar page?

Carolina Springs Elementary
Carolina Springs Middle
Forts Pond Elementary
Gilbert Elementary
Gilbert High
Gilbert Middle
Gilbert Primary
Lake Murray Elementary
Lexington Elementary
Lexington High
Lexington Middle
Meadow Glen Elementary
Meadow Glen Middle
Midway Elementary
New Providence Elementary
Oak Grove Elementary
Pelion Elementary
Pelion High
Pelion Middle
Pleasant Hill Elementary
Pleasant Hill Middle
Red Bank Elementary
River Bluff High School
Rocky Creek Elementary
Saxe Gotha Elementary
White Knoll Elementary
White Knoll High
White Knoll Middle
Lexington Technology Center



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