FOCUS Program

Making Positive Changes in the Lives of At-Risk Youth

Lexington School District One’s Focus program is designed to help students at risk of expulsion. Students in the program regain their desire to learn, accept responsibilities, make positive changes in their lives, view education as important, and better understand the importance of education for success.

We provide a structured environment that helps students successfully continue their education and become productive members of society. We also encourage civic involvement through community service projects. By working to involve parents in all aspects of the student’s educational program, we strive to create an environment that will encourage students to adjust their behavior patterns and focus more on their education.

Ultimately, we hope to reduce the number of dropouts by helping students investigate possible career paths and set goals. Through the FOCUS program, we help at risk students visualize their futures in which education is the stepping stone to their success.

For additional resources about the FOCUS program, visit the FOCUS microsite or call 803-821-1300.

Focus Fact Sheet