Holiday Traditions

Enjoy learning how the holiday season is observed in different countries!

Collect and organize the data you obtain from researching the holiday customs of a particular country.

Use Inspiration, a graphic organizer, as a tool to help. The left picture is an example of an Inspiration diagram. You can edit, delete, or add symbols and text as needed. It's fun and an interesting way to learn and remember more about holidays around the world!
Inspiration Template

You can also use PowerPoint to organize your information. Create slides, insert images and text, then share the end result with your classmates. Everyone can learn interesting facts from your research and PowerPoint Show!

Extra Fun!
After researching and discussing facts about holiday traditions, students or teachers can use an Internet resource such as Puzzlemaker to create puzzles, crosswords, word searches, quizzes, etc. using terms, facts, and other information learned about each country. Share examples with all!

Try some of the delicious recipes from each country!


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