Bluebird Singing....
It's Spring! Smile!
I'm going out to clean the pasture spring;  I'll only stop to rake the leaves away 

(And wait to watch the water clear, I may): I shan't be gone long. -- You come too.
(This is the beginning of what poem? Can you name the poet?) 

  PACT FAQ - Sample Items & Guides - PACT Release Items - Information for Students, Parents, and Educators about the Palmetto Achievement Challenge Tests from the South Carolina State Department of Education

Sudoku Puzzles (from Education World) Build critical thinking skills! Print several sudoku puzzles for your students -- perfect for extra credit, homework, before school, recess, or anytime!

April is National Poetry Month - Listen, Read, & Write!
Instant Poetry Forms - More than sixty writing activities in an interactive format. Students type what they would like to write, then have the option of printing their work!
Classroom Activities and Poems (Scholastic) Language and literacy skills for all grade levels
Magnetic Poetry Board - Have fun moving words to create your own poems!
Read * Write * Think - Classroom activities to celebrate poets and their craft
30 Days of Poetry - Lessons on writing many forms of poetry with examples
Enchanted Learning Rhymes - Many all time favorite rebus rhymes to read, rhymes to paint online, rhyming word activity sheets, and rhyme printouts to read and color
Poetry Almanac - Poetry themes and articles, links to find a poet, poems, and more. "365 days' worth of poetry highlights, activities, ideas, and history"

It's Spring! Myths, Folktales, and Fairy Tales - Explore and learn! Find contributions from many authors in this resource for learning about and writing in these genres (ex. Myth Brainstorming Machine.) There is also an opportunity for live online discussions with several authors. They will discuss their work in these genres and answer questions from young writers working on creating their own tales!

The Great Egg Roll VII - Schools from all over the world will roll eggs to learn about estimation, measurement, and more! You will find ready-made project worksheets as well as "egg" activities to excite your students. This project runs March 26 - April 13, 2007.

In addition to the online project, there are 'egg-cellent' egg resources and ideas for Language Arts, Math, Science, Art, and Technology! One technology example is the "Great Egg Trivia Hunt." A math lesson example is "Egg Math." You might also want to check out the Cadbury's Learning projects, activity sheets, and more to learn about chocolate!

Cherry Trees of Washington - Learn the history of these famous trees, the varieties of trees, and follow the estimated peak blooming time! Did you know there are approximately 3,750 cherry trees? You may want to use the Cherry Blossom Time! student worksheet from Education World with your class.

Easter Candy! Yum! (Did you know that sixty million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced each year? And according to 74% of American children, bunnies' ears should be eaten first.)
Put all 5 senses to work (Taste, Touch, Sight, Smell, Hear) and describe this candy!
Use Inspiration to record your thoughts. Hersheys Kiss (Inspiration file)

What's your favorite Easter Candy?  Survey students in your class! A wonderful way to encourage skills in reading charts and graphs and gain experience using MS Excel.  
Favorite Candy (Excel file)

Which Came First - the Chicken or the Egg?

The Incredible Edible Egg  - The American Egg Board's Incredible Edible Egg site includes a wealth of recipe ideas, eggs facts, and an 'eggcyclopedia'.

British Egg Information Service (BEIS) "All About Eggs" is yet another educational resource for those interested in oology. Where do eggs come from?  What's in a hen's egg? Which mammals lay eggs? From Hen to Shop - How Strong is an Egg? and more!

All About Eggs - Take a peek inside an egg and see how a chick grows - and find more egg information!
The Chick Hatchery - View photos of eggs being "candled" and a chick hatching. The Hatching Process web site also has excellent photos!
Chickscope Embryology -  This Internet resource will take you on an exploration of the 21-day life cycle of the embryological chick.  Older students will enjoy "Egg Math", too!
Incubation & Embryology - Lesson plans, hands-on activities, and experiments related to eggs
Eggs - See photos of various eggs compared to a large chicken egg

How Do You Like Your Eggs?  
See if your students can answer questions using a Venn Diagram that shows egg survey results. Try making one with your own class survey or encourage students to design one of their own!  Egg Venn Diagram (Inspiration file)    
Oviparous Animals- What are they?  Can you name examples? Students research to learn examples of insects, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals that are oviparous.
Information is recorded using Inspiration. 
Oviparous Animals
(Inspiration file)
For an extended activity, students can research one specific oviparous animal and share facts with fellow class members.  A wonderful way to learn about lots of animals!  My Oviparous Animal (Inspiration file)

Egg-centric Egg Quiz- One dozen Grade A Questions!  See how many you know! Interesting! Also, be sure to view the many learning areas of this Canadian Egg site - At the Farm, Making the Grade, Care and Safety, and more
Eggs - A Virtual Exhibition! This might be the closest you get to seeing wild bird eggs without disturbing birds at the nest. This virtual exhibit showcases eggs of the world.

Plants & Gardening - A Time of New Growth!
The Great Plant Escape - Journey into the world of plants - the life cycle of plants, parts of plants, soil, seeds, and more! This interactive site will excite interest in your students.
Plant Explorer - Topics of discovery include Parts of a Plant, What Do Plants Need?, Find the Flower, Eating Plants, Plant Glossory, I Didn't Know I Ate That - Wonderful for younger students!

Meet the Plant Parts - A quick interactive game identifying plant parts - Make a salad!
Gardening in the Classroom - Plant seeds, Design a Garden, Tour an Online Garden, Investigate a Worm's World, and more lesson ideas for learning
Plants-In-Motion - View time-lapse movies to see plants grow and change. Germination, General Growth, Root Growth, Wilting, Flowers are some of the categories.
KinderGarden - Children can interact with plants and the outdoors. Learn ideas for gardening with kids.
My First Garden! Basics for planning, maintaining journals, nurturing, and plotting growth of gardens
The Gardening Launchpad - Over 2,000 gardening related links alphabetically organized - tons of information!

Your Name in Flowers (Inspiration file; right click > "Save Target As") Discover flowers! Use Internet resources to research and organize facts about various flowers. Find flowers that begin with each letter of your name! Write facts about each!
Unitedstreaming - Use these excellent multimedia video resources to bring your plant unit to life! In addition to the video clips, there are wonderful blackline masters available, as well as teacher guides. First grade teachers will especially like Debbie Greenthumb: Plants Can Be Found Everywhere and The Structure of Plants. Third grade teachers may be interested in the video clip Venus Fly Trap (a plant native to the Low Country of South Carolina) and Debbie Greenthumb: The Importance of Plants To Our World (food chains, photosynthesis). Other examples include Plants: Green, Growing, Giving Life, Where Plants Come From, Plants and People, and more.
(Do a Unitedstreaming keyword search: plants)

The Adventures of Herman! - Treat your students to the autobiography of Squirmin' Herman, the Worm! Learn all about the anatomy of worms and their function in our world.
The Dirt on Soil - What's Really Going On Under the Ground
- Explore and learn all about layers of soil and meet its tiny but helpful residents.

Living Things Main topics at this site include Individuals, Families, Neighborhoods, and The Circle of Life and branch off from there!  Do take time to explore the wealth of information available!
The Tree of Life  The "Tree of Life" provides information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history, and characteristics.

Those Beautiful Butterflies!

Learn more about a butterfly's life cycle, eating habits, and more.
Begin your unit with an Inspiration KWL chart and continue your study with this Butterfly Scavenger Hunt. Included is a printable student worksheet as well as related butterfly Internet resource sites. Enjoy these delicate creatures! They're lovely!

Write a "Spring Cinquain"- a five line poem. Begin with words such as butterfly, caterpillar, daffodil, robin, etc. (Spring Cinquain PDF file)
Unitedstreaming - Excite your students with "real-life" videos such as World of Nature: Monarch Butterfly: Milkweed to Mexico, Insect Metamorphosis, The Caterpillar and the Polliwog, Exploring the Diversity of Life: Butterfly Garden, and more! (Do a Unitedstreaming keyword search: butterfly)

Additional Internet resources about butterflies!
All About Butterflies - from Enchanted Learning - A comprehensive on-line hypertext book that provides information
Children's Butterfly Site - Activities, photos, book resources, and answers to frequently asked questions about butterflies!

Butterfly Life Cycle - Photos of the life cycle of a butterfly
Butterfly Life Cycle - More photos
Fun Butterfly Facts
Butterfly Games

These creepy crawlies are from the Arthropod group of animals.  Do you know the characteristics of all insects?  Take time to explore Insects!
Sample lesson plans and activities are available!

Unitedstreaming - Explore videos such as The Incredible World of Insects, Junior Zoologist: Insects,Those Amazing Arthropods!, World of Nature: Insect Disguises, Insects: Facts and Folklore, and more!
(Do a Unitedstreaming keyword search: insects)

Coming Soon - Vacation Time!
Keep your students interested in school work while dreaming of being on vacation! Students research using the Internet, collect data, use a spreadsheet to display information, and write persuasive paragraphs - WOW!
It's Vacation Time! - Lesson Details




The Pasture

by Robert Frost



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