Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sandy Dunovant

My name is Sandy Dunovant, and I am a Marketing teacher. After working in marketing and sales for 14 years, I decided to follow my heart and become a teacher. I was fortunate to begin my teaching career at Lexington Technology Center and hope to be here for many more. I received a BA from the University of South Carolina in Broadcast Management in 1985, and I continued my education by taking courses through the Critical Needs alternative certification program in 2000 when I started teaching at LTC. I believe that my experience in industry is extremely helpful as I share marketing strategies and techniques with my students. I work to bring experts into my classroom to speak with my students, and I take my students on field studies that will expose them to concepts that we learn about in the classroom. I am passionate about student involvement in DECA because it opens doors and gives students experience that will help them be successful in college and the work place.