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Ray Roland

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    Automotive Technology 1 (LTC) 603000CD
    Grades 11, 10, 12 2 units
    Industry Credential Alignment: Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)
    This course teaches students to become proficient in the maintenance and repair of automobiles. Students will learn about automotive fasteners, gaskets, sealants, liquids and fluids, writing work orders, tire and wheel services, vehicle chassis lubrication, basic electrical systems, batteries, vehicle starting, charging systems, lighting systems, basic engine fundamentals, minor engine tune-ups and brake systems. Students need computer keyboarding skills to operate diagnostic equipment and access vehicle service manuals.

    Automotive Technology 2 (LTC) 603100CD
    Grades 12, 11 2 units
    Prerequisite: Automotive Technology 1
    Industry Credential Alignment: Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)
    This course teaches theory and principles of major engine tune-ups. Actual work experience includes: batteries and starting systems; alternators and charging systems; computer command controls and electronics; ignition systems; fuel supply and emission control systems; exhaust, lubricating and cooling systems; and car body electrical and accessory systems. Students conduct: chassis and suspension system repairs and services; computerized wheel alignment; and differential and drive-axle assemblies and services. Students may be eligible to participate in cooperative work experiences or apprenticeships, which combine career and technology training with supervised work experience in business and industry. Students who complete this program may be eligible to exempt AUT 105, AUT 106 and AUT 112 at Midlands Tech.

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