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Degrees and Certifications:

ServSafe Food Manager ServSafe National Proctor

Danielle Mize

Culinary Arts Instructor, Lexington Technology Center 2021-present
Culinary Arts Instructor, North Georgia Technical College, 10 years
Member of the American Culinary Federation
National Culinary Arts Judge Skills USA
2022 National SkillsUSA Conference Silver Medalist in Restaurant Services
2022 South Carolina State SkillsUSA Conference Gold Medalist in Restaurant Services


  • Courses


    Culinary Arts Management 1 (LTC, PHS) 572000CD
    Grades 11, 10, 12   2 units
    Industry Credential Alignment: ProStart
    This course is designed to study the food service industry. It covers all aspects of the industry, potential careers, equipment use, food preparation, food storage, ordering and work simplification. Students receive practical and theoretical experiences to obtain competence in each area.

    Culinary Arts Management 2 (LTC, PHS) 572100CD
    Grades 12, 11 2 units
    Prerequisite: Culinary Arts 1
    Industry Credential Alignment: ServSafe, ProStart
    This course is the continuation of Culinary Arts 1. The course covers food preparation and the foodservice industry. Students have the opportunity to develop and apply skills in food service. Students in this course are required to purchase a uniform.

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