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    A head start to success


    Parents or guardians may apply to a general education four-year-old kindergarten (4K) program if they are zoned for a Lexington School District One elementary school and their child is four years old on or before September 1 of the current school year. All programs are full day.


2023-2024 School Year

Special Education Preschool Program

  • The district also offers special education programs for preschool-aged children with certain academic, developmental, speech, and/or physical needs.

    If you have concerns about your child's attention, speech, language, thinking skills, play skills, and/or behavior, you can call 803-821-1101 to make an appointment for a developmental screening. A developmental screening is a brief, family-friendly process that helps parents get answers to questions and concerns about their child's overall development and helps them access resources, services, and strategies that are available to support their child.