Pelion High School

  • Advanced Agribusiness centerThe Advanced Agribusiness Research Center at Pelion High School provides students an intensive study of Agribusiness through experimental agriscientific research, entrepreneurial ventures, and advanced studies while participating in leadership opportunities in South Carolina's leading industry.

    Students enrolled at the Advanced Agribusiness Research Center develop and enhance interpersonal characteristics, communication, and business skills through self-directed learning opportunities in agribusiness to become responsible local, national, and global citizens in the 21st Century.

    World-Changing Careers

    This center is not just for students interested in agriculture. The center provides opportunities for students interested in science, marketing, business management, and research careers, all of which relate to South Carolina’s number one industry — agribusiness.

    With food and energy production on the forefront of local, national, and global priorities, the Center is an imperative and timely addition to our district as we prepare our students to become “…thinking, productive and responsible citizens in the global, competitive, 21st century.”


    Advanced Agribusiness Research Interest Form  

    Sean Bishton, Principal