• We maintain the 30 schools in the district, the district office, the maintenance department, the transportation office, and the Rosenwald Community Learning Center. We also have 173 portable classrooms. Together, those all add up to 5.2 million square feet of conditioned space. In addition to keeping up the buildings, our department maintains 44 athletic fields, 2 sewage treatment plants, 6 sewage lift stations, and 4 irrigation pumping stations.



    Each field is cut and vacuumed at least once a week during the growing season. All of the practice fields are fertilized and aerated twice a year. The competition fields are fertilized and aerated at least 3 times a year, depending on what sports are played on them. We also weed treat, top dress, and over seed the fields depending on the sport. When we build new schools, the maintenance department builds the athletic fields.



    During the summer, moving and setting up portables becomes the priority. Any given summer, we may move between 12 and 25 portable classrooms. The moving process involves removing and replacing steps, underpinning, and connecting power, data, and intercom lines. Some portables also require water and sewer for bathrooms.

    In addition to moving portables, the carpenters, painters, and electricians usually will have 10 to 12 special projects to undertake during the summer. The painters also refinish 16 gym floors during the summers, and take care of any major vandalism that occurs.



    The maintenance department also completes complex special projects during the year. We have built stadium seating in Lexington, Pelion, and Gilbert. We have built concession stands, press boxes, storage buildings, and athletic fields around the district.