• Students taking courses for high school credit can accrue the  following number of unexcused absences before losing course credit:

    45-day classes 3 unexcused absences

    90-day classes 5 unexcused absences

    180-day classes 10 unexcused absences

    Students who exceed the approved limits for unexcused absences do not receive course credit.

    Three unexcused tardies for first block (anytime before 9:10 a.m.) will result in a lunch detention.



    As in years past, only the persons listed as approved contacts n PowerSchool are the only persons allowed to dismiss a student.
    For those students who are drivers and have met all the requirements for driving and parking at school, we are requesting an email be sent to the attendance secretary, Ms. Griffin at with the date and time of dismissal.
    After that is sent, Ms. Griffin will verify your information in the PowerSchool system.  The student will come to the attendance office on the morning of the dismissal for a pass to leave class and enter the parking lot. 
    For those students who will be picked up for dismissal, an email must be sent to Ms. Griffin on the day of dismissal and she will verify the information in the PowerSchool system.  When the parent has parked in the parking lot, please call Ms. Griffin at 821-1922. 
    At that times she will call the student for dismissal and have the student meet you  in the parking lot.  If Ms. Griffin cannot be reached, please call Mrs. Benton at 821-1908.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Griffin with any of your questions.