Academic Communication

  • Research shows that students with informed and involved parents do better academically. Lexington District One believes in regular, high-quality communication between home, school and community and uses several different products (Edgenuity, PowerSchool, Schoology, others) across the district. Although you will access these products through the internet, your students are not required to have internet access at home. Students can access some of these products outside of school, but the district does not require that they access them outside of school.

    Edgenuity is digital content for students in grades 6–12 and students taking courses through the district’s virtual school. Parents can have weekly student progress reports emailed to them. The Edgenuity contact at your student’s school can enter your preferred email address and provide you with an activation code.

    Google Classroom
    Google Classroom is a learning management system used in grades three through five. Google Classroom allows teachers to organize materials and communications for students in a centralized location, giving them access to the materials they need to complete assignments and participate in group projects. Parents have access to their child’s Google Classroom and can view teacher and student activity. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher to obtain access to Google Classroom. 

    You can easily access your student’s grades and attendance using the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Parents and students can also download a PowerSchool mobile application (available for iPhones or Android telephones).

    If you have not already created a PowerSchool Lexington District One parent account, just follow these steps.

    1. You will need a PowerSchool parent Access ID and password. Contact your child’s school for this information. This is not the username and password you will use to create your PowerSchool account.

    2. Once you have a parent Access ID and password for each of your children, click here and go to the “Create Account” link.

    3. Your child’s school will give you information with steps-by-step instructions.

    4. It is best to use the same email address for this account as the email address you originally provided to your child’s school.

    Once you create your PowerSchool account, you can elect to receive emails with information about your child’s grades and/or attendance. Just set the “Email Notification” while you are in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

    Click here to go to the login page or click here for information regarding computer environments for PowerSchool

    Schoology is a dynamic platform that allows teachers and students to work digitally and to communicate with each other on both computers and mobile devices.

    With Schoology, students can submit homework assignments, participate in interactive discussions, receive announcements and feedback, take assessments and collaborate with their peers.

    Teachers use Schoology to monitor student progress and activity in order to ensure a safe, secure and controlled environment.

    Parents also have access to the system, and are encouraged to view teacher and student activity. Contact your student’s school in order to receive your parent Schoology access code and directions explaining how to establish your parent account.

    You can view directions on how to establish your account and an overview of how to navigate your account. Parents may activate and view their Schoology account here.

    Seesaw is a learning management system primarily used in grade kindergarten through two. Seesaw allows students to share their work in an online journal, making it visible to their parents and guardians. Teachers can also communicate with parents through Seesaw. Seesaw can be accessed through an application on your mobile device or through a web browser on your computer. Parents are notified when new work or messages are posted to Seesaw.  Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher to obtain access to Seesaw.

    South Carolina Occupational Information System
    As a state program, SCOIS is authorized by both federal and state law, and is mandated to provide a vast array of career development products and services.

    The program assists educators with incorporating integrative learning strategies that address state curriculum standards in conjunction with current and practical educational and career information by providing free lesson plans. In addition, SCOIS allows teachers to develop efficient long-range academic achievement plans for students.

    Tools for students include career assessments, career games, college information, occupational information, college major information, scholarship searches, career cluster information, school subjects matched to careers, financial aid information, career videos, résumé building tools, electronic portfolios, and salary and outlook information on potential careers.

    Career guidance tools are available for parents. Administrator reports allow teachers and counseling teams to work closely with students on college and career readiness.

    Parents, students and teachers should consult their career specialist for login details and codes.