• Tip Line
    Lexington County School District One has a districtwide Tip Line, accessible online, by phone or by email. Students, parents and staff can anonymously report school safety concerns or the improper use of district resources.

    You can submit a report to the district’s Tip Line by calling 803-636-8317 and leaving a message; texting details of your concern to 803-636-8317; filling out the appropriate form here; or emailing details of your concern to

    Please leave a detailed message that includes the name of the school or office where the concern happened.

    It is not required that you provide a name or telephone number. However, you may provide a name or telephone number if you do not want to remain anonymous.

    If you submit a concern after hours or on the weekend or school holiday, and feel that your concern is urgent, you can contact Midlands Crimestoppers at 1-888-274-6372.


    Visitor check–in reminders
    Lexington County School District One believes there is no better way for you to learn about your child’s school than by volunteering at that school and attending your child’s school activities and events.

    Each time you come to school, whether to volunteer, attend an event or meet with a teacher, you will check in and out at the front desk. As you leave the building, you return to the school’s check-in station, click on the “visitors” icon, locate your name and click on “check-out.” This checks you out of the system and indicates you left the school. This helps us keep our schools safe by ensuring that no unauthorized person enters. 

    Simply bring your driver’s license with you and check in by feeding it through the scanner. That scanner will “read” your driver’s license, run a quick check, and print out a temporary, stick-on visitor/volunteer badge that displays your photograph and name as well as the date, time and purpose of your visit.

    Should the system flag a visitor for any reason, the system automatically and privately alerts the front office staff and the school’s administrators. An administrator will then talk to the individual and work through any issue.

    All visitors and volunteers must wear their name badges in plain sight at all times while on school grounds or at school-related events or activities. Visitors will not, however, be asked to check in and out using this system during large evening PTA/PTO meetings, school plays, programs, athletic events, etc.

    When an event takes place that requires chaperones or volunteers to supervise students and is after school or away from school, schools will work with those chaperones or volunteers to make sure that they receive approved volunteer badges for the event.

    Click here for more about safety and emergency services.