4-Year-Old Kindergarten Acceptance Process

  • Our state-funded 4-year-old kindergarten programs serve children in the “most at-risk” category, where family income falls 185 percent below poverty level or where the child is eligible for services such as Medicaid. Children also qualify in cases of a documented developmental delay, potential developmental delay (screening results), placement in a foster home, or a child who is homeless. Documentation of family or child “most at-risk” conditions must be verified and kept on file for review. 

    Since each program can only serve a limited number students, we are not able to serve all children who apply. A list is created and acceptance is prioritized with children who have the “most at-risk” factors and qualify based on documented family income of 185 percent or less of federal poverty or Medicaid eligibility. Developmental factors are then used to identify those most in need of the program and a waiting list is created once the program is full. The waiting list also prioritizes children with the “most at-risk” factors as listed above.
  • 1. Online Application

  • 2. Eligibility

  • 3. Income

  • 4. DIAL

  • 5. Acceptance

  • 6. Movement

  • 7. Waiting List

  • 8. Enrollment Documentation