Health Services

  • If your student receives a positive test result for COVID-19 infection or is identified as a close or household contact of someone who tests positive for COVID-19, complete this form to notify your school.



Health Room Overview & Important Forms

  • Please see the documents below for forms relating to health/nurse services.

    Medications at School

    Over-the-counter medication only requires a parent signature. All prescription medications require a Medical Doctor’s signature. ALL orders are only good for one school year and must be renewed each August. Medications are held in the health for the school year. If they are not picked up by the end of school they will be destroyed. 

    To allow your student to take medication at school complete this form Lex1 Medication Orders

    Self Carry Information

    Per District Policy, students are only allowed to self-carry life saving or sustaining medications such as Inhaler, Epi-pen or Diabetic supplies. If your student falls into this category, please have the Physician fill out an order form and physician self carry form. You and your student will need to fill out your portions of the self carry packet as well. See these forms below. The forms are renewed annually.

    Student portion of self carry paper work Self-Med-Student

    Parent portion of self carry paperwork Self-Med-Parent

    Physician portion of self carry paper work:


    Lex1 Medication Orders 

    Medical History Forms 

    If your student has a history of seizure complete this form Seizure history letter

    If your student has a history of allergies complete this form Allergy history letter

    If your student has a history of Asthma complete this form Asthma history letter

    Field Trip Info

    A field trip is considered the same as a regular school day, NO student is allowed to self carry medication with the exception of emergency medications which require an MD signature. All students needing medication, prescription or over-the-counter, daily and as needed, must have a medication form filled out for each one and brought to the health room for nurses review the week before the trip, along with the medication. If it is a prescription medication the doctor has to sign the form. All medication must be in the original container, labeled with the name, only the amount required while gone and not expired. If you have any question call Sarah or Amy at 821-0727. Our fax number is 821-0703.

    If you have any questions regarding any of these forms please contact Amy Kinard ( our School Nurses or call the Health Room at 803-821-0727. Fax: 803-821-0703.