• All CREW teachers have shared the update to our school's tardy to school and class policy. The new policy officially went into effect go on Tuesday, January 6. The new procedure has been updated in the 2023-2024 RBHS Family and Student Handbook and can be found on page 27.


    The consequences for tardies to school and class have changed due to the recent update. All students will still receive a warning for tardies 1-3 but will now receive a lunch detention for tardies 4-8. All students will receive an after school detention for tardies 9-10; Saturday School detention for tardies 11-12; and for any tardy beyond 12, students will receive 1 day of In-School Suspension.

    Below are the updated tardy to school and class policy that includes details about the new lunch detention procedures for your review.

    Thank you for your continued support of your child's education.


    The office assigns a tardy if the student is late to school or any class; tardy students report to the Attendance Office located in the Main Street to receive a Gator Pass.  


    Note: Being tardy to school with a parent note will count towards a detention if the student has exceeded their allotted amount of excuses. A tardy note serves only to notify the school that the parent is aware of the tardy, but it does not excuse the student from detention.

    Tardy to Class and School (As of January 16, 2024)

    1st – 3rd Offense per semester:    Warning

    4th – 8th Offense per semester:    Lunch Detention 

    9th – 10th Offense per semester:    After School Detention

    11th-12th Offense per semester:         Saturday School Detention

                   In-School Suspension for all instances beyond the twelfth offense

    • Note: Tardies are reset each semester.


    New Lunch Detention Procedures (Effective January 16, 2024)


    • Students who are late to school and/or class will receive a lunch detention slip for tardies 4-8 and other minor consequences as assigned by administration.

    • Tardy to school and/or class

      • Students with 4-8 tardies will receive a lunch detention slip and added to the lunch detention spreadsheet by Attendance Clerk  and/or Gator Guides who are assisting with attendance. 

        • I.E. If a student receives tardy 4-8 or is assigned a lunch detention by a teacher on a Monday, they will be assigned lunch detention Tuesday.

    • Minor consequence assigned by administration

      • Students who receive a lunch detention from administration will be added to the lunch detention spreadsheet by the students’ assigned administrator.

        • I.E. If a student is assigned lunch detention by an administrator on a Monday, they will be assigned lunch detention Tuesday

    • Lunch detentions will be held during the students’ assigned lunch time every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

    • Students will report to Coach Bonnette in the gym during their C1/C2 lunch detention, with their ID, and sign the lunch detention roster.

    • Students will be given 10 minutes to pick-up their lunch and report to their assigned lunch detention in the gym.

    • If a student who is assigned lunch detention does not report on time or does not report at all, the student will receive a disciplinary consequence of “failure to comply with disciplinary action” and be immediately assigned an after school detention.