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Lexington County School District One posts monthly non-salary expenditures as required by Section 1.25 of the 2019–2020 Appropriations Act. These transparency requirements have been in place since 2009–2010 and require school districts to report all non-salary expenditures/disbursements. 

Prior to January 2021, the district published two reports. One report for expenditures excluding credit card transactions and another with credit card payments only. Beginning in January 2021, the district will post a single report that includes all disbursements, including payments on district credit cards. 

This new report provides more details than the previous reports. The disbursements on this report include all funding sources. The first digit of the account key displayed in the third column of the report indicates the fund used.


Card Statements

*First Community Bank does not issue Mastercard statements when there is no activity.