Nurse’s Station

  • Nurse Wright


    My name is Susan Wright. I am the Meadow Glen Middle School School Nurse. I graduated from East Tennessee State University in 1993 with a bachelor of science degree in nursing. I return to school nursing after working 5 years at a local pediatrics office. Prior to that, I was a school nurse in Lexington School District One. Additionally, I have worked as a nurse in oncology, home health and outpatient surgery. I have been happily married for 30 years to John who is retired from the military and works now doing plans and operations at Fort Jackson. It has been a grand adventure being a military spouse for 23 years. Our active duty military life afforded us many opportunities to live in many places to include living in Italy for three years. John and I have 2 children. Levi, is our son, who is married to Meredith. Ginny is our daughter and our youngest. Levi is beginning law school at the University of South Carolina while Meredith begins her career as an Occupational Therapist. Ginny recently graduated from USC with her social work degree and is currently working on her masters in social work. I have a love/hate relationship with running but I do love spending time exercising with my FiA sisters. I enjoy traveling and exploring as well as being outside (when it is not in the South Carolina hot humid summers). I also enjoy serving in our preschool ministry at Lexington Baptist Church as well as doing Disaster Relief with Samaritan's Purse. I know the students at MGM will also bring me joy and I hope to serve them well in their journey in the middle school years.   

    Health Room Hours – 7:30-3:30


    All 7th graders are required to have a Tdap immunization before the beginning of fall school year. Please turn in all updated immunization records to the school nurse once vaccines are administered.
    All medication administration must have written parental and/or physician consent to be given at school and must be kept in the health room.  Click the link below for the district medication permission administration form.
    Please note that most children receive their Tdap booster at their 11 year old well child check with their pediatrician.  Make sure to request an immunization certificate at that visit after your child has received their vaccines.  At that time, provide a copy to the school nurse.   Make a copy for yourself to keep at home as well.  Please feel free to email the immunization certificate to

  • Medications at School

    Over-the-counter medication only requires a parent's signature. All prescription medications require a medical doctor’s signature. All orders are only good for one school year and must be renewed each August. Medications are held in the health for the school year. If they are not picked up by the end of school, they will be destroyed.

    To allow your student to take medication at school, complete this form: Lex1 Medication Form


    Self-Carry Medication Information

    Per District Policy, students are only allowed to self-carry life-saving or sustaining medications such as inhalers, Epi-pens or Diabetic supplies. If your student falls into this category, please have the physician fill out an order form and a physician self-carry form. You and your student will need to fill out your portions of the self-carry packet as well. See these forms below. The forms are renewed annually.

    To allow your student to self-carry medication, complete all of these forms:  Self-Carry Forms Packet

  • Field Trip Info

    A field trip is considered the same as a regular school day. NO student is allowed to self-carry medication with the exception of emergency medications which require an MD signature. All students needing medication, prescription or over-the-counter, daily and as needed, must have a medication form filled out for each person and brought to the health room for nurses' review the week before the trip, along with the medication. If it is a prescription medication, the doctor has to sign the form. All medication must be in the original container, labeled with the name, only the amount required while gone and not expired.