River Bluff World Languages Department

  • World languages and cultures are at the core of a modern education. Our dynamic World Language Department embraces this role at River Bluff High School with programs in Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Latin, as reflections of a diverse world. Students are offered Advanced Placement, honors, and immersion courses, as well as opportunities to study abroad.

    The World Languages Department at River Bluff HS equips students to lead and achieve in an increasingly interconnected world. They prepare students to communicate using foreign languages in appropriate and culturally specific manners, and to reflect upon the role of language in human interactions and cultures.

    Students are provided with experiences that sharpen their sensitivity to and appreciation of a culture or worldview different from their own. While developing communication skills and cultural awareness, students will also develop an ability to think creatively across boundaries as they actively engage in learning opportunities.

World Language Department

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