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Wells named S.C. School Nurse (RN) of the Year

Jenna Wells, at Deerfield Elementary, has been a school nurse for Lexington District One for 10 years, serving at elementary and middle schools. She currently cares for a school community of over 800 4k-5th grade students. She previously served at Lexington Middle and Meadow Glen Middle.

As a passionate nurse who understands the importance of continuous growth, she decided to return to school for her BSN, and again for her MSN. She completed MSN requirements while returning to school during the chaos and demands of COVID-19.

Jenna is an advocate for the profession of school nursing. She assists with training new nurses in the district and serves as a trusted mentor. She shares her knowledge and helps school nurses strive for improvement. In addition, she serves as a preceptor for senior University of South Carolina College of Nursing students, helping them see both the benefits and joys of school nursing.

We are pleased to announce that Jenna has been selected as the SC School Nurse (RN) of the Year!