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Lexington District One honors 1,900 graduates

Lexington County School District One honors 1,900 graduates from the district’s five high schools over two days (Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5) at the University of South Carolina’s Colonial Life Arena located at 801 Lincoln Street in Columbia, South Carolina.

At this time, these students have earned more than $155.7 million in scholarships.

Here are some interesting facts about each graduating class.


Saturday, June 4 Graduations
On Saturday, June 4, students from River Bluff High School graduate at 8 a.m., Lexington High School graduate at 12 p.m. and Gilbert High School graduate at 4 p.m.


River Bluff High School (8 a.m.)
508 graduates
261 honor graduates
Around $52.2 million in scholarships
Four RBHS graduates have earned an AP Capstone Diploma, becoming the first students in Lexington One to have earned this distinction, as well as the first to complete the course sequence virtually in the United States.


Lexington High School (12 p.m.)
520 graduates
255 honor graduates
About $50.7 million in scholarships
The LHS Class of 2022 has taken 421 dual enrollment courses, 626 Advanced Placement exams, and 74 International Baccalaureate exams, allowing them to potentially earn college credit before entering college.


Gilbert High School (4 p.m.)
283 graduates
105 honor graduates
More than $17.1 million in scholarships
This year, the Gilbert High School Class of 2022 features 11 children of GHS staff members.


Sunday, June 5 Graduations

On Sunday, June 5 students from White Knoll High School graduate at 12 p.m., while students from Pelion High School graduate at 4 p.m.


White Knoll High School (12 p.m.)
443 graduates
125 honor graduates
About $26.4 million in scholarships
The WKHS Class of 2022 has four sets of twins and one set of triplets graduating this year.


Pelion High School (4 p.m.)
146 graduates
42 honor graduates
Almost $9.3 million in scholarships

The Pelion High School Class of 2022 is the only class in the history of PHS to have a different school schedule each of their four years of high school.


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Note: Lexington County School District Board of Trustees members will attend the graduation ceremonies. Although we anticipate a quorum, there will be no business conducted.