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Lexington District One’s Debra H. Seymour announces retirement

Debra H. Seymour, Lexington County School District One’s finance director, announces her retirement, effective Feb. 10, 2023. Seymour has dedicated 44 years to working for the state of South Carolina, joining Lexington District One in 2011.

Seymour began her career as an associate general accountant at Allis Chalmers in Lexington, S.C. In 1981, she furthered her career and became a senior auditor at the S.C. Office of the State Auditor, where she conducted and supervised the audits of state agencies.

Over the next 27 years, Seymour worked in many state departments in South Carolina. In 1984, she was a financial reporting manager with the S.C. Office of Comptroller General, where she was promoted to Assistant Comptroller General. In 2000, Seymour joined the S.C. Department of Social Services as an accounting manager in late 2000. Seymour was then hired at the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority in 2001, first starting as an internal auditor and then, in 2005, becoming the director of finance. She held this position until 2009 when she joined the former S.C. Budget and Control Board, working as a program manager while leading the financial reporting team.

Then, in 2011, Seymour joined the Lexington District One family as a project manager. She helped implement the district’s enterprise information system, a software application used for the district's financial operations, including purchasing and accounts payable as well as payroll. In 2013, Seymour was promoted to fiscal services director.

Seymour earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of South Carolina. She is also a certified public accountant and a certified school business official.