• We hope to make signing up for bus transportation and riding the bus easier and more efficient for all families next school year. To do so, we are starting the bus registration process much sooner than we usually do.

    If you would like your student(s) to ride the bus next school year (2022–23), you must complete the transportation registration form found in PowerSchool Parent Portal.

    The deadline to sign up for bus transportation is Monday, May 16.

    Parents/guardians must log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal to register. Below, under “Visual Guide”, are directions. If you have already created a Parent Portal account, skip to Step 2.

    You must complete a form for each child if you have more than one student.

    Our transportation department uses this registration information to create the bus routes for next school year.

    Another step toward improving transportation next school year includes slightly adjusting the start and end times for middle and high schools to allow buses more time to transition between routes.

Start/End Times

  • 2022–23 School Year (Lexington, River Bluff and White Knoll Schools)

  • 2022–23 School Year (Gilbert and Pelion Schools)

  • Gilbert and Pelion schools will have different middle and high school start and/or end times to provide students in those communities better access to Lexington Technology Center and The College Center.

    If your transportation needs changes, or if you move, between now and the start of school in August, please contact your area transportation supervisor to make the change.

Visual Guide

  • transportation registration directions step 1        transportation registration directions step 2

    transportation registration directions step 3        transportation registration directions step 4