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  • A Message from our Lead Parent Educator

    Spring 2022

    It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Lexington District One Parenting Center. Our mission is to offer services that assist you in getting your children ready for school.  We want you to feel safe, supported and included in all of the services we offer. Please complete the interest form or contact the center for more information. 

    Please refer to our webpage often, as we strive to keep it updated for your use. There are many resources available in the dropdown menus, including a monthly newsletter and community resources.  We also have a Facebook page for those of you that request to join.  It is called PEEP, which is an acronym for Promoting Early-literacy Engagement through Parenting.

    During the first week of each month, you will receive a packet from your Parent Educator. This packet will include everything you need for the upcoming month. This will include your weekly visit and all of the handouts and recommended activities, your ILA activity packet, your child’s personally selected book to be used with visits, the ILA book, and sometimes even special prize packets from our partner, Miss Amy, at the Lexington Library. It will be your job to have these packets nearby when you sign on for your visits. Please prioritize keeping your scheduled visits face-to-face or virtual when possible. This is helpful to you, your child and your Parent Educator. Also, now more than ever, please report when you need help making connections within the school district or community. Our PE’s are committed to assisting you.


    Marla Hamilton
    Family Literacy/Lead Parent Educator