SchoolMessenger Alert System

  • SchoolMessenger is a telephone messaging system that helps the district get emergency messages to staff, students and students’ parents/guardians quickly by telephone.

    Lexington District One uses a communications tool called SchoolMessengerThis is a telephone, email and text messaging system that helps us get emergency and general messages to students’ parents/guardians quickly. We can, for instance, let you know that we are closing early due to bad weather, that your child’s bus is running late, that your child missed a day of school or even that your child is running low on lunch money.

    The information we have for you in the SchoolMessenger system comes from our student information system, PowerSchool. If we send an emergency message using the SchoolMessenger system, the system will call the number that you, the parent, designated to receive emergency calls.

    If your telephone number(s) or email address changes for any reason, you can change those before school begins as you register your student online using the district’s online registration system. If, after school begins, you need to change your telephone number(s) or email address, contact Pleasant Hill Elementary at (803) 821-2800, send a note to your student's teacher, or contact us through this website.

    If you are a new parent this year or you are a parent who has never set up a SchoolMessenger account, you will need to create a new SchoolMessenger account using the email address we currently have on file for you in PowerSchool. Click here for directions on creating an account and managing your preferences. 

    Parents of students new to Lexington District One, when you register your child and provide your mobile telephone number as part of your contact information, you will receive a confirmation text message from short code 67587 letting you know you will receive text messages through SchoolMessenger. If you do not wish to receive text messages from Lexington District One, reply “Stop” to the message you receive. You may want to create a new contact in your contacts list for the short code 67587 called Lexington One to make it easier to know that the message is coming from Lexington District One.

    SchoolMessenger app information:
    English version
    Spanish version


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